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I figured it's probably time to make a topic for this, given my and @@cdeath's activity over the past few months. So, here goes!


Songs are done by me unless noted otherwise. All songs have riff repeater, and those done by me have .psarcs with DD available at the download links.


All songs are in D standard tuning, except for the bass part on The Edge of Forever, which is in D drop C.



Symphony X

1. Into the Dementia

2. The Raging Season

3. Premonition

4. Masquerade

5. Absinthe and Rue

6. Shades of Grey

7. Taunting the Notorious

8. Rapture or Pain

9. Thorns of Sorrow

10. A Lesson Before Dying



The Damnation Game


1. The Damnation Game

2. Dressed to Kill [LRB] by @@cdeath

3. The Edge of Forever [LRBV]

4. Savage Curtain [LRBV]

5. Whispers

6. The Haunting

7. Secrets

8. A Winter's Dream - Prelude

9. A Winter's Dream - The Ascension



The Divine Wings of Tragedy


1. Of Sins and Shadows [LRBV]

2. Sea of Lies [LRBV] by @@Daikano

3. Out of the Ashes

4. The Accolade [LRBV]

5. Pharaoh [LRB] by @@cdeath

6. The Eyes of Medusa

7. The Witching Hour

8. The Divine Wings of Tragedy [LRBV] by @@Daikano

9. Candlelight Fantasia



Twilight in Olympus


1. Smoke and Mirrors [LRBV]

2. Church of the Machine

3. Sonata

4. In the Dragon's Den [LRBV]

5. Through the Looking Glass [LRB] by @@cdeath

6. The Relic [LRB] by @@cdeath

7. Orion - The Hunter

8. Lady of the Snow



V: The New Mythology Suite


1. Prelude

2. Evolution (The Grand Design) [LRBV]

3. Fallen [LRBV]

4. Transcendence (Segue)

5. Communion and the Oracle [LRBV]

6. The Bird-Serpent War / Cataclysm [LRBV]

7. On the Breath of Poseidon (Segue)

8. Egypt [LRBV]

9. The Death of Balance / Lacrymosa

10. Absence of Light [LRB] by @@cdeath

11. A Fool's Paradise [LRBV]

12. Rediscovery (Segue)

13. Rediscovery (Part II) - The New Mythology [LRB]



The Odyssey


1. Inferno (Unleash the Fire) [LRBV]

2. Wicked

3. Incantations of the Apprentice

4. Accolade II [LRBV] by @@Daikano

5. King of Terrors 

6. The Turning [LR] by @@cdeath

7. Awakenings

8. The Odyssey [LRBV] by @@Daikano



Paradise Lost


1. Oculus Ex Inferni

2. Set the World on Fire [LRBV] by @@Daikano

3. Domination [LBV] by @@Daikano

4. The Serpent's Kiss [LRBV]

5. Paradise Lost [LRB] by @@cdeath

6. Eve of Seduction [LRB] by @@cdeath

7. The Walls of Babylon [LRB]

8. Seven [LRBV]

9. The Sacrifice (I've looked at this, and the bass tab's not complete and not always accurate)

10. Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia) [LRB] by @@cdeath





1.1. Iconoclast  [LRBV]

1.2. The End of Innocence  [LRB] by @@cdeath

1.3. Dehumanized  [LRBV]

1.4. Bastards of the Machine  [LR] by @@cdeath

1.5. Heretic  [LR] by @@cdeath

1.6. Children of a Faceless God  [LRB] by @@cdeath

1.7. When All is Lost  [LRB] by @@cdeath

2.1. Electric Messiah  [LRB] by @@cdeath

2.2. Prometheus (I Am Alive)  [LRB] by @@cdeath

2.3. Light Up the Night  [LRBV]

2.4. The Lords of Chaos  [LRB] by @@cdeath

2.5. Reign in Madness  [LRBV]




1. Overture

2. Nevermore [LRBV]

3. Underworld [LRB] by @@cdeath

4. Without You [LRB] by @@cdeath

5. Kiss of Fire

6. Charon [LRBV]

7. To Hell and Back [LRBV]

8. In My Darkest Hour [LRBV]

9. Run with the Devil [LRBV]

10. Swansong [LRBV]

11. Legend [LRB[




Works in Progress: If you have any works in progress, post in the thread and I'll put them here and make sure that we don't duplicate our efforts while working on these songs!


Updates and Fixes: Let us know if there's anything that we should fix. The more specific and easy to implement your advice is, the better! So if the tab or sync is wrong, can you tell us where, and how to fix them? If the tones can be improved, do you have suggestions for tweaks, or other tones that might work better? The more specific your feedback is the more likely we can fix those problems!


-Album for Rediscovery Part 2 is marked as "V - The..." instead of "V: The...". The song title should also be made to match the official.

-@@cdeath - The song title for The Lords of Chaos is currently "The Lord of Chaos"

-I will work on resyncing and re-polishing many of my songs. A few older ones still need resyncs, and among other polishing things, I realized I should set hand positions more carefully during tapping sections.


Future Plans: If you're planning on working on one of the songs in the near future, or you really want to get a shot at a particular song, let us know and I'll post it here.


When new tabs from Underworld get posted I'll try to get them linked here as soon as possible.


I really want to do Legend, but I could be convinced to let other people try some of the other songs  :)

Edited by albatross213

My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
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I recently added vocals and patched up some miscellaneous things (especially fret hand positions, particularly in solos and tapping sections) on the tracks I've done from Iconoclast. They should now be close to finished, and close to the quality level of official DLC. If you think there's anything that can be done to improve those tracks, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
Join us at the Rocksmith Championship!

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  • 11 months later...

So, it's been quite a while since I updated this. There were several new songs added, from basically all eras of the band, and I also updated many of older customs with better syncs, better tones, more accurate slides, and manual FHP so that the solos will be easier. I still have a few more to get through to bring them up to my current standards, and some newer ones that I haven't added lyrics to yet.


Anyway, in the future I'll try to be more active in keeping this up to date. And also linking to it in the record pages so more people have a chance to see it.

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My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
Join us at the Rocksmith Championship!

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Run With the Devil has been added, and the main post has been updated to reflect that (and the updates to In My Darkest Hour and Communion and the Oracle).

My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
Join us at the Rocksmith Championship!

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  • Moderator

I guess I should post here,  me and albatross have been working on completing more customs for a full symphony x discography project .   Cdeaths charts were lost to the google permissions purge but I have them all backed up and have re-released some in the meantime with complete fixes like i talk about below. 5 of 19 of those have been remade with quality of life fixes and re-uploaded.

I own all the official books released so far for Symphony x (and will buy any more that come), thats albums  Iconoclast, the Odyssey, and Paradise Lost.  Working on finishing and error checking and getting final versions.  Then we will have full album versions as well.  Its a very long project as well as we've collab'd on Michael Romeo's Solo album stuff and I've dabbled in tabbing out some of the other guys in the bands Solo Projects.     

You can find a more updated list on my discord and albatross has full permission to just copy paste any of my channel notes from it  here.  (hopefully i clean the notes up more by then XD )  or I'll post my discord link to the channel here if thats allowed.  

The goal is to get full all paths   lead, rhythm, bass, lyrics, for all songs and all albums and a full album chart for each.  Its a long road but we're making progress.  
I'll be error checking and updating charts and working with albatross in tandem

I've spoken with DarkenedGod to remake their chart for Out of the Ashes so I'll be tackling that along with the full discography

My steps are
1. Complete all songs that are missing.  e.g. Not currently on the forge.  (first album is the biggest hurdle)
2. Update all charts that are missing paths like missing lyrics, missing bass, (priority will be albums that have official books so we go by what the book says)
3. Update charts that haven't been touched yet, with an error check sweep.  (We've learned more tricks in eof and better standard operation procedure since the charts were first created and the tools have evolved and improved since then)
4. When a full albums charts have been redone a full album version will be made.

I know people are begging for a new Odyssey

I haven't been in contact with Daikano but would like to to collab and help facilitate any help they need in error checking their charts.  I have a few of my own charts to error check and remake as well.  

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