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Tried doing a search but couldn't find a decent answer, so I'm posting this question:

I'm done syncing a new Custom (only my 2nd), and tried generating FHP. It worked fine automatically for the rhythm track, but I've had to enter some manually for the lead track. I came across one that's got me totally confused on how to play it.

It's a 2-note chord at the 14th fret on G string, and 15th fret on the high e string.


I must mention that this chord then switches to 12th fret on B string with 15th fret on high e (which is commonly 1st and 4th fingers).


Just wondering what fingers I should assign to this 1st chord, keeping in mind comfort and ease with which to flow easy to the next chord.



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i would play it with the 3 and 4 finger so that the 4 stay on the 15E and i just need to add the 1st finger on the 12B to play it.

This is what I was thinking, but it felt kind of unnatural to me. I do still need to build more finger independence so it could just be my current abilities. Thanks for the response.

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Anticipation is the key to smooth effective movements in all domains.

If it feels unnatural, this may be caused by notes played before or even after.


Anticipating a single note may not be enough, more than 3 notes forward and backward maybe too far.


Looking too far ahead can be misleading, and the automated FHP looks ahead too far,

more than several bars, more than a dozen notes, to position the pinky much to early,

ignoring bends and slides, and that feels very unnatural.


If you watch live performances, the pinky isn't used that much.

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If you watch live performances, the pinky isn't used that much.

Well that really depends on the player and the situation. i won't generalize like that anyway, the pinky can be used a lot in some cases.


But live video is your best friend if you can find some good one.


I would clearly play the 14-12-15 chord with the pinky on the 15 but if you are willing you can go with the ring on the 15, the middle on the 14 and the index on the 12 but as a personnal preference i would use the pinky on the 15.


Another alternative would be to move your hand between those two to hit the 14---15 with the middle and ring then switch to the index on 12 and the pinky on 15 but that's a lot more movement for something that can be done without changing the FHP.

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