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Differences/inconsistenciess between versions?



Are there differences between platforms in trms of core components?

I tried to batch convert a few filees from PC to PS3 and noticed some errors.


Ive searched around and cant seem to find anything to let me know what theese differences may be and figured id ask here before reading through the RST source files on github to figure it out.

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To be fair, i dont really know!

ive just noticed that some files dont convert between platforms, (the log file seems to have rewritten itself rather than been appended so i cant check specifics until i get a moment to duplicate) but from memory it seemed to be mostly xml errors, like the pc version referenced something that was navailable to the ps3 version for instance.


I'll have a nother attempt later tonight and check the errors agint the source code to see exactly whats going on and what needs to be edited and repacked to allow conversion.

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The first errors are fairly straightforward.
Its just Tone issues:
DLC was converted from 'Pc' to 'PS3' with erros. See below:
There is a tone name error in XML arrangement: PART REAL_GUITAR fuzz is not properly defined. Use EOF to reauthor or Notepad to attempt manual repair

Disassembly shows:

  <tones count="3">
    <tone time="148.576" name="fuzz"/>
    <tone time="163.889" name="dist"/>
    <tone time="232.736" name="fuzz"/>
in Lead.xml

Fairly straightforward to fix.
This seems to account for the bulk of conversion issues, Its just poor authoring. Don't get me wrong, I'm not finger-pointing! It's not like any of us are getting paid for this, besides, its an easy fix :D

The next error for example:
DLC was converted from 'Pc' to 'PS3' with erros. See below:
Obect reference not set to an instance of an object.
Followed to a spew of references to the codebase (made difficult by the fact that errors don't seem to get logged to text and things get shortened, makes readability a pain)
As far as I can tell, at least with Lateralus, it's down to tones again, in this case because of the way it was authored it lets the dlc converter assign a null where it really shouldn't. As far as I can work out (bear in mind I've limited experience with the codebase and am still researching, no means an expert in C# either, but I'm proficient) when converting it reads then lowercases the tone name and assigns it to three different variables this.ToneBase song.ToneBase and attr.Tone_Base somewhere along the line one winds up with a null value leading to object instancing issues. song.ToneBase in this instance... I think... (like I said, still looking into it)
This seems to occur when either "Tone_Base": "ToneName" is set in the json file but doesnt link to either "Tone_A": to D": or when Tone_A to D is omitted from the json entirely.
Not sure as to why, I figured Base was the default and did not need to be assigned to anything.
Anyway, im still reading through the github codebase, to see where the issue really stems from.
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I think this is it, https://github.com/rscustom/rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit/issues/231
Need to work on tones code, I have some fixes in mind, need to finish with prototyping tones system.

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