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Help Playing Pink Floyd Money

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Hi All,


I am trying play Money by Pink Floyd and having difficulty with the main riff.  When going from Gb to A (on 6th string) and from B to D (on 5th string), I find myself using my index finger and ring finger.  For chords, the recommended fingering is shown but when simple fretting, it is never shown so it is difficult to know how best to fret.  I am avoiding using my pinky because of the difficulty pressing with it and bending with it.  I assume I should be fretting the 2nd fret with my index finger and the 5th fret with my pinky finger.   Can someone confirm? Thanks for the help and thanks to those who make DLCs; this makes learning enjoyable! 


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Yep. Pinky. I learned to hit those two notes with my pinky but it took a long time because I too didn't have a strong pinky. I have found songs play much easier since I gave in and use all my fingers. I keeps you anchored in the correct fingering positions so you can play a little more relaxed. I practice that riff everyday for a warm up and I can see and hear the difference in my playing. Also I changed the setup on the bass to lower the strings so my little finger doesn't have to press so hard.

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Hmm did you meant this on bass ? because the latest version doesn't need to use pinky anymore.

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I was just sayin you need to use the pinky no matter which you play. I play both base and electric and found that I play much better if I finger the way God intended! Pay attention to the fret locator that show where the fingers go. I ignored them at first and found playing much harder.

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I wouldn't trust the fret hand position indication on any cdlc unless they proove to correspond to what i usually do because 95% of the time it's only the automated generation that have many (many) flaws especially with slides, HO/PO or more than 4 fret stretch.

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