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Cannot export lyrics


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Hi guys, I need you ! :D 
I used Ultrastar Creator to sync my lyrics with the song, I imported them in EOF but when I try to save i got this message :

"Rocksmith lyric export failed.

Make sure there are no Unicode or extended ASCII characters in the chart's file path, because EOF's lyric export doesn't support them."

I converted the txt file in UTF8 without BOM but the same thing happened...

So if you have solutions to fix it... Thanks :)


(Excuse my English, i'm french)



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Just a guess, but maybe the text file has some characters that aren't supported, like an "&" or something like that.

Maybe check the text file that Ultrastar created and see if there's anything that looks strange.

The Led Zeppelin Discography thread

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The issue isn't the content of the lyrics themselves, but you do seem to be using an older version of EOF. EOF used to export the lyrics directly into the project folder, but the lyric import/export logic was written using traditional file routines that don't support accessing file paths that contain extended ASCII (ie. accented characters like é) or Unicode characters so if the project folder has such characters, the export would fail. EOF was changed to temporarily export to the EOF program's folder and then copy the exported lyrics to the project file as a workaround.

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