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Suggestions for new bass guitar?



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I'm not going to make a recommendation as I truly think guitars are a personal taste and feel different for all.....however I can tell you about the basses I tried and the reasons I have the ones I do......BTW I am by no means an accomplished player...


I started with a fender starcaster el cheapo....which was great for a first bass, did exactley what it said on the tin, but it was extremely heavy and because of my back I couldnt play it for long, so decided to try an Ibanez sr 500, instant chalk and cheese, really showed the flaes that the cheapo had, also extremely light and really versatile due to the ability to change boost switch to single pole etc, had it for around 18 months or so and wouldnt part with it, nice slim neck and profile, great for soulfull songs but just as good for heavier stuff.


Onto five strings.......

My first was a schecter damien elite that I got for a steal....... oh man that thing was unreal in terms of tone and playability, really easy to gel with and great sounding on or off the game, also it just looked awesome on the wall beside my other guitars, unfortunately financial problems forced me to sell this one ( still deeply regretted) and once things were sorted I looked around for another 5 string........actually bought an Ibanez gsr 205 which I had tried in the shop and put on layaway....next month picked it up and took it home....... never got to try it in the game as the thing would not even tune......buzzing all over the neck, shop never supplied the tools to adjust anything and hadn't done any set up before it left the shop (JG windows in Newcastle ) took it back tried a couple of different gsr 205's with similar problems so walked away with my cash.


different shop and a different ibanez.... the gs 305......played it, loved it, very similar in feel to my sr 500 same sze body, same scale but wider neck (obviously)

sounds good on and off the game, nice and light and a nice smooth action after a little bit of personal taste tweaking. Plays most types of music......I just cant get the hang of pop n slap so cant really say if it does well with that style.....all 24 frets are easy to reach on either bass and easy to play sitting or standing......


so as I said not a recommendation but....... I love the feel of the ibanez for RS but would also gladly buy another schecter if the price was right

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