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Adding A Capo to Existing Song


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You would use "Track>Pro guitar>Set capo" and then change the fretting as appropriate. There's a trick where you can use "Track>Pro guitar>Set tuning" and tune up by the number of frets that represents the capo position, allow EOF to transpose the notes in the track, then go back and set the tuning back to what it was (and not have it transpose the notes this second time). If any notes were played open or using a fret lower than the capo position you'll have to figure out how to change those manually, and EOF will have highlighted such notes if you let it tranpose notes during the first tuning change step.

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You first need to add the capo in EoF, as @@raynebc described (then save of course). I'm assuming you've already done this?

From there you need to make sure that the Toolkit is using the correct/updated .xml. You may have to remove the existing one from the toolkit and then browse for the updated one manually. Once added into the toolkit, it should say (capo 2nd fret) in the list of arrangements.

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