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DLC - same on XBOX as on Steam or not?



Hello all,


I've recently moved from XBOX to PC, I'm now using Steam to Play Rocksmith 2014. Since I can't import purchased songs from my XBOX account, I'll be buying some of them again and one of them is:


Born under a Bad Sign: by Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Looking in the Steam DLC's, this is only available for Rocksmith, not Rocksmith 2014.


So, is there a difference between what's available for XBOX RS2014, and what's available for the same game on Steam?


Sorry if this is somehow obvious but I'm brand new to Steam and still finding my way around!




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@@nickd well what i saw till now, is that there are only rs14 dlc's avaiable in the steam shop. There are probably no dlc's for the older rocksmith version tho.

I bought there the Billy Talent and Bullet For My Valentine Bundle


Well i don't know about the xbox shop if there are some differences or if they've got more dlc's. But i think it should be the same amount of dlc's in both shop except the solo dlc's and the price of course.


But it's a shame MMOGA doesn't sell dlc's. Could be cheap as **** [emoji38]

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It's a problem with a broken Steam policy.  Technically, all RS1 DLC is forward compatible with RS2014.  So in the Xbox/PS3 marketplace, they don't differentiate between the two.


However, because of a Steam policy that is meant to prevent users from buying DLC for games they do not own, you can't buy most of the RS1 DLC without owning RS1.  Some of the RS1 DLC was updated to remove this restriction, but not all of it (in fact, not much of it).


The only way around it is to buy RS1.  It doesn't need to be installed, but you do have to own it in Steam.  It goes on sale fairly often, and it's usually pretty cheap.  I paid around $5 for it when I switched from PS3 to Mac.

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I reckon you're right on the money there, @Weepel. I'll wait until RS goes on sale then because that track is the only one I'm any bloody good at :o Cheers, Nick.

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