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  1. Hello all, I did have a quick search for a topic like this but nothing came into view in the tiny amount of time I was looking so my impatience has got the better of me, and here I am; bothering you guys... So my installation of Win8 finally upgraded itself to 10, without really asking me, but it's inevitable in the end I suppose. Now, I don't really like upgraded operating systems as they always seem soooo slooow and for this reason, I usually opt for a clean install, which is what I'll be doing shortly. So, I guess this means reinstalling Steam, Rocksmith, and doing the patching and bits and bobs that I have forgotten again? Any tips that you guys might have to make things easier, or do I just follow the video again? Also, I suppose I need to back up my CDLC's. Thank you in advance, any tips would be appreciated :) Nick.
  2. Many thanks for all your work here! Much appreciated, @! Nick.
  3. OK, sorry for the late reply - hols, etc. Thank you, guys - been twaeking and things seem better now. All the best, Nick.
  4. @@Wepeel, yes, thank you - I thought it would be good to post the guide for others. Thanks for your info regarding the cable gain. Nick.
  5. @@Wepeel, I want a mac and I have stamped my feet and everything with still no joy ;) Well, I rooted around on the internet and this seems to work pretty well. Thought I'd post it here in case it helps anybody else. Thanks, Nick.
  6. @@Wepeel Yeah, I calibrated it in RS but it didn't make any difference. Can you tell me how I up the volume through Windows settings? Thanks, Nick.
  7. @@Alex360, thanks for your guidance. I had the new board in and everything reinstalled within about 4 hours and it's working well now. The only problem I have is that the guitar is too quiet. I upped the gain but that didn't fix things. Off to look at the forum now to see what i can find out but if you have a link to any info, or any ideas to improve it then that would be appreciated. Cheers, Nick.
  8. I reckon you're right on the money there, @Weepel. I'll wait until RS goes on sale then because that track is the only one I'm any bloody good at :o Cheers, Nick.
  9. Hello all, I've recently moved from XBOX to PC, I'm now using Steam to Play Rocksmith 2014. Since I can't import purchased songs from my XBOX account, I'll be buying some of them again and one of them is: Born under a Bad Sign: by Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Looking in the Steam DLC's, this is only available for Rocksmith, not Rocksmith 2014. So, is there a difference between what's available for XBOX RS2014, and what's available for the same game on Steam? Sorry if this is somehow obvious but I'm brand new to Steam and still finding my way around! Thanks, Nick.
  10. OK, so I bought this just now. Will put it all together when I get home and I cannot wait! Thanks, Nick.
  11. Good, I was hoping you'd say that. This means I need to upgrade the board, which I was looking to do anyways. I was thinking about this one. What does everybody think? Thank you, Nick.
  12. Hello all, The very helpful fellows over in this thread have got me swapped over from XBOX to Steam with RS2014 for a measley £7 and a little bit of learning. So, I am delighted overall with things but the game is suffering from audio lag, and this makes it very difficult to play! I wonder if any of you guys are using RS2014 with Win8 successfully, as the blurb only mentions that Win7 is supported. If I need to upgrade the board or whatever else, then that's fine. Also, I would even downgrade to Win7 if that's what i need to do. Attached are my specs - I checked before buying the game from Steam and they exceed the minimums. http://eppc001.ddns.net/img/system.PNG Thanks! Nick.
  13. @@DevStereo, OK, thanks for that - I'll go and post something there to see if anybody has any ideas. Win7 is 'officially' supported, but maybe it's more because of your beast of a machine :D If the worse comes to the worse, I'll downgrade to 7 - this is worth it! Thanks again for all of your help. Nick.
  14. Well now, this has got to be just about the finest thing ever! Pink Floyd, ACDC, just tons of stuff that I've always wanted to know how to play. I can't thank you guys enough! Only problem is that I still have the lag. It says that Win8 isn't oficially supported, so maybe that's it. If any of you guys have tips for Win8 then I would be delighted to hear from you. Else I could maybe dual boot Linux - does Steam run on that? Take care all you lovely people and thank you again! This might just take over my life :D Nick.
  15. @@Wepeel, thank you - that has helped. There was no need to change the port but the reboot did the trick. Now, I am getting lag but I'm working through the pdf in the Rocksmith root directory to try and solve the issue. Cheers, Nick.
  16. @@DevStereo, everything is just groovy apart from the fact that the game thinks that I've unplugged my realtone cable. PLEASE DON'T LET IT FAIL NOW :O Any ideas? Reboot, I suppose.
  17. OK, so Steam is installed, I bought the key for £7.00 (delighted), and I'm just downloading the game now. looks like it comes with the Smashing Pumpkins track too, (see the pic). http://eppc001.ddns.net/img/steam.PNG All looking yummy! Nick.
  18. Thanks, @@DevStereo, You're really making this too easy you know! OK, don't go putting yourself to too much work on my behalf - let me go and fiddle around a bit and I will see if I can get it all sorted. Will report back here and let you know. Thanks again! Nick.
  19. OK, thank you again, everybody. I've checked the specs (hey, that rhymes, sort of), and I'm good. Plenty of RAM, CPU, etc. Also, I looked at MMOGA and they're flogging Rocksmith 2014 for £7.04! I have a PayPal account, so do I just buy the thingy from MMOGA, install Steam, download the game, and that's it? Defo going to be bugging you guys about Steam, etc as I have no experience with it. Still, I pick up fairly quickly so I shouldn't be too nooby (famous last words there...) Thanks, Nick.
  20. Wow, what a helpful and welcoming bunch you all are. Thanks very much for all of your advice - I'm off to watch the video and I will probably install Steam later (which is something else I know nothing about). I don't really use my PC for games - the XBOX is for games, but not anymore! Maybe I'll sell it now as I only use it to learn guitar on anyway. If I install Steam on my PC, will it pick up all the songs that I've already bought on the XBOX? Thanks again, Nick.
  21. Hello all, First time here so I hope I am in the right place. Absolutely love playing Rocksmith - it's the only thing I play on my XBox. The thing is that I wouls really love to learn some Pink Floyd, or Prince - I mean I really, really want to! Seems to me that it would be much easier to just buy the game for PC and use my cable there. Obviously, I don't want to shell out all over again for the game, so would buying this, from the 'Bay, work? I have absolutely no idea how to use CDLC but I like to learn as I go along, rather than read up and then get everything I need. So, if I bought that - would i be good to go for using CDLC on my PC? I'm running Win8 and I have dual monitors, if that makes any difference? Thanks, Nick.
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