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And the title isn't even a cheesy reference to one of my own songs! At least, not yet...


Anyways, here's un-fancified list:




    Children of Bodom:

        (Follow the Reaper, 2000):

                Kissing the Shadows



        (Waves of Visual Decay, 2006):

                Frozen Asleep in the Park



        (Empire of the Obscene, 2008):

                  Tail from the Crypt

        (Existence is Futile, 2009):

                   Across Forests and Fjords


    Symphony X:

        (The Odyssey, 2002):

                The Turning

        (Paradise Lost, 2007):

                Eve of Seduction

        (Iconoclast, 2011):

                Bastards of the Machine


                Prometheus (I Am Alive)

                Eletric Messiah

        (Underworld, 2015):



Near Release:



        (Temple of Shadows, 2004):

                Temple of Hate


    Children of Bodom:

        (Follow the Reaper, 2000):

                Hate Me!



        (Valley of the Damned, 2003):

            Black Winter Night

        (Inhuman Rampage, 2005):

            Cry For Eternity


    Forgotten Tomb:

        (Under Saturn Retrograde, 2011):

                Reject Existence



        (Nightfall Overture, 2005):

                Nightfall Overture

                Shadowland Serenade



        (Empire of the Obscene, 2008):

                  Exhumed Identity


    Symphony X:

         (Iconoclast, 2011):

                  Children of A Faceless God

                  When All Is Lost



    Certain Death:

        (The Burnt War, unreleased):

                Volcanic Inferno*

    * My own song, thrashy death metal. Lots more to come if people enjoy it!





        Fooled by the Serpent

    The Absence:

        Dead and Gone


        When Embers Ignite


        Fields of Predation, Conjuring the Cataclysm, Cradle Robber


        A bunch of Surgical Steel songs if I can find a way to deal with the constantly changing tempo.

     Edge of Sanity:

       Crimson II:

                Yeah, I know, right? But I love this song so freaking much. The available tab is bits and pieces but I hope to adapt it eventually. Don't hold your breath! :P


Disclaimer: I'm not exactly saying my "released" songs are "finished", but "released" none-the-less.

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Apart from Symphony X I know none of these bands but it all sounds lke some really hardcore stuff, so I guess that's why. :)

Yeah, they're definitely mostly on the extreme side of progressive metal (I'm a little bit surprised you don't know of Children of Bodom, but as you said, the genres aren't your thing, and you're not a guitarist which would be one reason to know them despite that).

Edge of Sanity and Nightingale are both Dan Swano, who's done some really cool stuff over his career. Crimson and Crimson II (of which there's a snippet here) were both hugely ambitious and awesome albums/songs.

Carcass and The Absence (I'm working on a couple of their songs - A Breath Beneath actively and From Your Grave eventually) are both pretty cool melodic death metal bands (though I wouldn't say the label always applied to Carcass - maybe from Heartwork on?).

The rest I don't really know, though I'm pretty sure I've heard of Communic before.

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Yeah, Crimson II is one of my favorite pieces of music. A 40-minute song written and recorded (aside from guest solos and vocals and I think maybe some additional percussion) entirely by Swano himself. Crimson II and Moontower (another Dan Swano solo project) inspired me to write my own "one-band" music.


Revocation is very fast, very technical thrashy death metal. David Davidson (I know, right?) is a Berklee-trained guitarist who focused on jazz and he writes some very interesting stuff. Across Forests and Fjords is an instrumental, so if you're not a big fan of the death screams/growls then maybe keep an eye out for that one.


Communic is tough one to describe, kinda thrashy/proggy stuff. Very long, meandering songs with unique clean singing. Definitely worth checking out if you like progressive metal but don't like the death screams/growls.


A couple final sidenotes:


I REALLY want to do a bunch of Testament's "Dark Roots of Earth" but for some insane reason nobody has tabbed them out (it is serious slab of metal if you haven't heard it).

I'm also looking at doing some Angra songs from the "Temple of Shadows" album.

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