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That's odd.  Make sure you're using the default display resolution (640x480 I think) under the same menu.  I noticed that if I increase to 800x600 or 1024x768, and then use x2 zoom option, bad things happen.  I assume it has something to do with the zoomed window's size relative to your desktop resolution, but I'd never looked into it. 


I've run it on a monitor as low resolution as 1680x1050 without it crashing (assuming 640x480 display + x2 zoom).  If your monitor is lower resolution than , you might be stuck.  If I had to guess, It probably needs 960px + whatever window borders and title bar add in vertical pixels to avoid throwing a fit/crashing when you enable x2 zoom.


EOF obviously isn't using modern UI/rendering frameworks, so it tends to behave a bit oddly compared to more recently created programs.  I don't imagine something as messy as overhauling those systems is a particularly high priority either unfortunately.

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If anybody can reproduce a crash when changing display sizes or the zoom setting, let me know. On a computer newer than the one I develop with, if I used the x2 zoom in a way that made the window size just a little bigger than the screen resolution in Windows, Windows automatically changed the screen resolution when EOF was in the foreground. If I made the window size A LOT bigger than the screen resolution, EOF would just report that it couldn't set that window size and reverted back to default size.

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