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Diamond Guitars



I'm about to take the plunge and get myself a new guitar in the next few months.


I've narrowed it down to 3 guitars -


1) The Grestch Stump-o-Matic

2) The Diamond Renegade Plus in Black and Gold
3) The Diamond Monarch EX 15 in ice blue


I played the Grestch, and it's really freakin cool. 


Anyway - there aren't any dealers in my area so I'll probably have to order one online.  That's the point of the post.  Has anyone ordered a guitar online and can share your experience?  Bonus points that are actually worth nothing if you've ordered a Diamond Guitar.  I'm leaning heavily toward the Monarch  but I don't want to drop all that cash for something that actually sucks and  doesn't look like the photo on the internet.


All the places I find online are taking Pre-Orders for the Monarch, but it's June.  Aren't these things out yet?



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I've ordered a guitar from Thomann before, had no problems what so ever - shipped in a standard cardboard box with foam and arrived in perfect nick. Friends of mine have ordered from guitars from America and Asia as well with no issues either. I'd have a pretty high level of confidence ordering guitars online in this day and age.


If you're spending big money though it wouldn't be the worst idea to order a hard case as well and have them ship the guitar inside the case.


Haven't seen any reviews of the Diamond guitars yet, but I did see them covered in a video from this years NAMM show, the Ice Blue finish looks absolutely fantastic !

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If you know how to set up a guitar, or aren't worried about having to pay for it, buying online from a trusted and reputable place isn't necessarily a bad idea.  Just make sure they have a good return policy just in case you don't like the guitar or there's a problem with it.  Keep in mind as well, most retailers won't pay return shipping.


Having said that, I would never buy a guitar online.  I like to feel a guitar in my hands and play it for a bit before I decide to buy it.  I've sat down and played 3 of the same guitars, all the same brand/model, and they've all felt and/or played differently.  Sometimes its a setup thing, sometimes it's a variance in build quality and craftsmanship.


I would also never (again) buy a guitar that I've never played before just because I liked the way it looked.  I've made that mistake before.  Looks are nice, but the sound and playability of a guitar are more important.

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Yea that's the most frustrating thing about looking at the Diamonds.  I went to guitar center but they said you have to buy it, then they ship it and you pick it up.  If you don't like it after 30 days you can return it.  Maybe I'll do that for the Monarch.

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