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Hi Folks

Are there any instructions on how to stream Rocksmith through to my TV.

TV is connected to my network and it's easy to watch movies etc with just a click I can send it to the TV but how do I do this with Rocksmith.


Help appreciated



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Like firekorn said, I'm using my notebook connected via HDMI and S/PDIF to TV. And that's probably the only viable way of doing it.

STEAM allows streaming but to other local computer, so you still have to connect it to TV. I was searching for ways to stream from PC to PC, and STEAM is the best thing I found. There is no other way when it comes to streaming from PC.

So if you want Rocksmith on TV, you need either PC or console.

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Hi Guys, thanks for the replies.

I see RS can be streamed to another PC or laptop by logging into the game on the host PC and other PC or laptop, not sure whether you can then shut down the game on the initial PC and keep playing on the other.


I would like to use the TV as a monitor but would need a really long HDMI cable, just thought it might be possible to stream as my TV is connected to my network.


Think I will just buy a long HDMI cable if its going to be a major hassle or have any lag problems.

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