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The Jam Tracks Thread

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Just thought it would be cool to have a thread for Jam Tracks. Here's one I quickly wrote and created using the awesome Band In A Box, a Texas Blues song called Autumn Breeze. You can listen to it and download it from here.


I'll be doing these regularly I think so hopefully this is the first of many.


The chord progression can be seen below:



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And here's number 2, this second one is actually the first one I started writing and the second one I ended up finishing. This one's called Manhattan and is a laid back jazz/funk song. Here's the chord progressions:




Hope you enjoy them, please feel free to add your own jam tracks to this thead - the more the merrier!!! :) :D

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Here's number 3. Got fed up with the key of Am so thought I'd go for G#. Another Jazz/Funk one called Fundamental Journey with a bit more pace to it, here's the chords:




Sorry for the triple-posting but the images in these posts is making things difficult when editing.


Please let me know either on here or with comments on Soundcloud what you think of them. This third one is in m4a format but should still play in most media players. I decided to upload straight to Soundcloud using Band In A Box to save myself from converting things. :P :) :P


Edit: Looks like having text after the image solves my problem! Number 4 is called 'Rufus, The Cool Cat' and is a jazz swing number in Gb. Here's the chords:




So this thread has had 45 views and no feedback yet..? :(

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@@RamboMadCow You can use that site for exemple to find out the scales/chord behind the chord progression that @@snowdog give to play along : http://www.scales-chords.com/chordscalefinder.php


I did a little improvisation on Automn Breeze that you can find here : https://soundcloud.com/firekorn-1/jam-on-automn-breeze

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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I don't know how to gives rep, so I gave likes. That's an awesome website to figure out the scales given chord progressions. NOW I have something to work with. I know all of my mode shapes, just don't know the theory well enough to know how to figure out which major is applied to what chord progression. Thanks to both of you!

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Thanks for the feedback. Have added another track called Luciana which is a Jazz Funk song in Cm.


Forgot to provide a link to Rufus and Luciana! All of the chord progressions for all of my songs can be found here and all of the audio my songs can be found here.


That's a cool site @@firekorn thanks for that.


I normally just go for the pentatonic and blues scales myself, makes life a lot less complicated :P B) :lol:

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