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Can't isolate cause of crash at start-up - Rhythm track only

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I need help.  I've been trying to figure out what is causing the Rhythm track of "I Want You (she's so heavy)" to crash at start-up.  I've researched possible causes here in the forums, and I can't for the life of me isolate the cause.

I've read all of the suggestions in these posts: here, here, and here, and tried the following actions:

  • recreated the wem files
  • recharted from scratch (twice  :wacko: )
  • removed all tech notes (from the other tracks, as the rhythm has none)
  • removed all sections/phrases
  • tested each track independently (the bass and lead are fine, and oddly, the most complex)
  • renamed and numbered the tracks during each test
  • ...and maybe some other actions, I forget now...

The best reason I can come up with, is that the xml for the rhythm track is somehow getting corrupted or has a conflict within it, but I've exhausted every avenue to figure out how or what.


My project folder is here for anyone who is willing to have a look at it.


I truly appreciate any and all the help and suggestions anyone can give me on this, I've spent countless hours trying to fix this track.

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Here is something else to try in case the above doesn't solve a game hang after tuning.


Recently I was working on a showlights arrangement.  Turns out if the *_showlights.xml is not valid it will also cause hang right after tuning not matter what else you try to fix.  You can turn off showlights generation  in the latest beta toolkit release.  Just look for the showlights checkbox and uncheck it before generation.  Make sure you manually delete/rename any *_showlights.xml file that may be in your project folders.  If the song plays then you know showlights was responsible for the hang.

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