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What are some good tips to be on guitar played a bit before have some experience not the best, but like warm ups and tips for Rocksmith.


  • Warm ups
  • Tricks and Tips
  • Songs?
  • How long


I would like to learn more of the metal songs like 5FDP, Pantera, Metallica, ect.. 

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Tips and tricks,,, well. A shit ton of practice is a tip. As far as warm up try the bass warm up exercise,, just emulate the guitar,, serves the same purpose. Songs,,, man. Do you remember ( Lead path ) Go With the Flow rhythm path. And Amanda for any of them but you need to play the chords. LEARN CHORDS. You are going to need them. Even if you want to play solos,, guess what ,, you have to play rhythm too. Also there have been some great chord CDLC learning tools uploaded recently. Try searching exercise, or you in the Ignition search. Also try guitar chords,,.  How long,, that depends on your dedication level. If you play and hour a day with Rocksmith,, I can almost assure you will learn faster that you think you are. Also , do NOT be afraid of session mode. You basically play a scale shape,, but you can skip around, you don't have to just go up and down. Follow the Rocksmih recommends thing, it actually has a purpose. and do ALL of the lessons in game. even if you don't pass them, DO them. Speaking of that,, start out with the lessons, they will help you a lot. And you mention Metallica, well probably the easiest Metallica song to play is,,, In my opinion,, Sad But True,  however, Am I Evil is just damn fun and will build your endurance up, fast as shit and long,, but simple. I figured that one out without using a tab.

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Tips and tricks,,, well. A shit ton of practice is a tip. 




Also, start simple. Many of us did not start with metal...sure a few metal riffs here and there...but we started with simpler stuff. Punk is easy, gets that right hand speeding up. Start with Blitzkrieg Bop, it will teach you power chords , which are found in the majority of metal. 


Don't practice things you've become good at. Practice what you're bad at. So if you learn to change between C and G effectively and quickly...don't keep practicing songs with C and G, practice new chords. If you learn one part of a solo and can play it without thinking, dont keep practicing that...learn the next part.  


Play without Rocksmith too. Pick up your guitar out of game, play chords and scales you've learned from the game. Practice riffs you've learned. 


Play the arcade practice games. String Skip Saloon (don't look at your guitar when you play this),  Temple of the Bends (practice bends with ALL fingers) and the Duck Redux (don't look down at your guitar). Learn scales in session mode, they make it fun...


Focus on the quality of your practice, not the length. At first it might be frustrating...but, keep going. Don't get discouraged, YOU WILL GET BETTER!

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