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Bass Arrangements Called "Custom Tuning"

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been using master- since you fixed the last tuning issue for me.  Thanks Alex360 :D


I am having more trouble now.  I have been making some songs in low tunings (C# Standard and now D Standard).  While I can make it work no problem the bass arrangemets always come up as "Custom Tuning" in game instead of "D Standard".


This is because when I pull the bass xml into the toolkit, the toolkit insists on defining 6 strings.  So instead of -2, -2, -2, -2 and it is called "D Standard" I get -2, -2, -2, -2, 0, 0 and the toolkit then makes it a custom tuning.


What do I need to do to make it say "D Stanard" for bass again?



Like I say it works fine, its just that it may confuse some people when they play the custom.  Other songs (official and cdlc) say "D Standard" for bass no problem.

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Most of the songs I've charted are D standard.  If you click the drop down list and select it, then it should be fine, in my experience.

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Thanks Daikano, I did try that but although it shows C# Standard in the arrangements frame (until you hit edit that arrangement again) it still shows up as Custom Tuning in game.


I've tried a few different Toolkit release, and up until master-


adding this arrangement




gives it a C# Standard tuning.


All subsequent Toolkit releases (that I have) call it DbGbBEBE (and so it is called custom tuning in game).




@@Alex360, is it because you fixed the tuning for me before?  I remember you said that the problem I had before was because the Toolkit was not checking all 6 strings (it was a guitar arrangment) - did you make it check 6 strings even for bass?


I will build with an old Toolkit just now because I want it to say C# Standard.  It bugs me that much :D

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@PC Plum, all correct tho, take a look here:

  <tuning string0="-3" string1="-3" string2="-3" string3="-3" string4="0" string5="0" />

It's C# std, it should be that, a small extra work on bass tuning is add -3 to 2 last fields  cuz i'm not sure about automating this for bass, just don't wanna mess things like it was :D

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