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NOTE "Edit Pro Guitar Note / Rocksmith" Properties??



Ok, I'm just starting out with my first attempt at charting a song. I've imported a GP5 file and modifying it to include some stuff it missed...

I'm about 7 bars in and it's slow going...

I'm looking at grace notes, slides, and HO/PO's and trying to figure out how these properties are relayed to the game so they are displayed correctly.



Are the 'Edit Pro Guitar Note' and 'Rocksmith' note properties mutually exclusive? Or can I adjust properties from both and have them export all the information into RS2014?



First note is a grace note, which slides up to the counted/timed note.

Should I select the 'Ghost' checkbox from 'Edit Pro Guitar Note' options as well as the 'Slide: UP' button? Then just place the second note manually after it and drag out the time of the grace note to reach the second note?

Do I need to use the 'Linknext' checkbox to join these two (legato/tied)?


Do I just put in the first note and use the 'Note/Rocksmith' properties to 'Define unpitched slide' and give it an end point? Will it then display the end point as well as the first note??


Thanks for any advice.

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The "Edit pro guitar note" allows you to set many Rocksmith features, but most techniques have a keyboard shortcut to toggle them on/off for selected notes.  These shortcuts are listed in the menu system, ie. CTRL+Up/Down toggles slide technique, H toggles hammer on, P toggles pull off.  Those features should import from the GP file without issue, if you find otherwise please provide me the offending GP file so I can troubleshoot.  Grace notes, however, are not a technique supported in Rocksmith, and due to the problematic way they are defined in the GP file (they are not defined as standalone notes, but as an "effect" of another note), EOF does not import them.


Ghost notes do not export to XML, their only usefulness is in authoring arpeggios.  If you want to have a slide into a note, you would probalby need to author a note, make it slide up and then place the desired note at the end of that slide.  If you apply the "ignore" status to the note serving as the slide in, I think that causes Rocksmith to not display the note's head so it would just appear as a sliding tail.  So that won't require the slide for scoring purposes but it may be aesthetically useful to illustrate for the player that it's there.

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Thanks heaps, so I'll omit the Ghosts and use a standard note with a slide then put the 'slide-to' note in after it.

Is there a way to show both, say 7th fret slide into 9th fret, and maintain their continuity??

So only the original note is picked and you have to slide to the next note as if both notes were tied.... i.e. they are not independantly picked notes

Or do I have to make the first notes tail long enough to cover the second note so in RS there is no gap between them?


Edit: Or do you use the Note/Pro Guitar/sLide -> Set End fret (Ctrl+Shift+L) for the single original note and drag it to as long as needed - I'd assume RS would then know its a single note/pick but starts at X and slides then Ends at Y....

That sounds logical to me - but I don't know if it works that way...

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If you made it a single long note that slide from fret 7 to 9, Rocksmith would make the slide slow enough to take the entire duration of that note. If you want to author it to be more specific, ie. to bend from fret 7 to fret 9 and then sustain on fret 9 for a while, you could apply the linkNext status (available in the "edit pro guitar note" dialog) to the note that has the slide:



The linkNext status will cause Rocksmith to combine the two notes as if they are one note, and you only have to pick the first one.

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