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MiM Fender Strat


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Tried a couple in the shop and actually quite liked the look, sound and feel of them (for a change, as I prefer SG/LP)..


Is it really worth an extra £600 to get a USA made Strat though?


Opinions appreciated..  :)


Not my opinion


Personally, I think you need more than one colour when it comes to strats. So I'd recommend you buy both. Maybe a new MIA, and a used MIM.


All my customs can be found here :)

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Thanks, yeah though people are trying to get 300 quid for a used MiM Strat (one about 8 years old, lol). Considering you can buy new for 400 ish, I think they're chancing it...


Might try new MiM for now - it can go to my daughter in 8 years on so, when she's old enough (and assuming it is stays in good condition).. 


Then of course, a new USA model for me (if I like it).. ;)

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In resale yes. Otherwise forget it. Get what plays well. You can fix electronics. I have one 2000+ dollar guitar (that I bought used). The rest are cheap as hell but upgraded in the electronics and I wouldn't trade them. Ever (I've given up one trumpet and one guitar case in my life. The trumpet was stolen by the ex-wife of a friend who borrowed it to learn and the guitar case was destroyed in a car accident. I don't get rid of instruments) You can make an instrument that plays well and sounds good for less that what you're paying. And for an extra 600 pounds I would look into a chapman custom or carvin. Just my two cents. Fender has wildly inconsistent quality. I've got a MIM jazz bass that I'll get fixed for sentimental reasons, a squire affinity series that I love like a child, and there was a MIA P bass that I  rejected because it sounded dead and played like a log with a couple of nails in it. And I've seen the opposite too. A fender"Starcaster" acoustic that had a neck bend so bad that I could slide my hand between the neck and strings. The name and the MIA tag will keep value. But you might not have a decent instrument to actually play out if. 

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IMHO, nothing wrong with MIM Strats.  You will always have some people tell you that they are junk, but they are not.  They are literally built right down the road from the US Strats.  Same materials ( except electronics), as the US versions.  If you want to impress your friends buy a US.  If you want a great playing guitar, for much less money; buy the MIM.  Check plenty of them, and make sure the body and neck are good.  After that, the sky is the limit.  I bought my MIM used, and hardly ever played, for $250.  Then upgraded to Everything Axe Pick-up Set, added 2 push-pull pots, upgraded graphite saddles, and a brass Trem block.  The guitar is AWESOME.  Outplays most everything else.  And I have the added bonus of having Humbuckers, in all 3 positions, as well as the ability to change them all to singles, and play all 3 pick-ups together.  All for around $800 total (including guitar purchase).  Worth a thought.

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I have guitars ranging from ones that cost $75, through to $3000, and it is my view that the ones that are the best are the ones I Iike to play the most. Of the basses I have I am more likely to pick up a Mosrite I got at a garage sale rather than the Rickenbacker that I have owned for over 20 years.

With my guitars I will pick up the no name electric (it is an old Ibanez Vintage 2020, but the pin in headstock badge is missing so no one ever guesses what it is), I just like it because it is lighter and better balanced than my Les Paul when playing seated.

The advice I have is find the one that feels most natural to you and has an action you like, the rest can be changed easily. Pickups replaced, electronics redone, etc, but it is much harder to change the feel and comfort of the one you keep.

Guitars are like women in some regard, you can't help looking at the sexiest ones around, but the one you choose to marry has to have that extra something special to keep you interested for a lifetime.

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