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Cannot find PART_REAL_GUITAR file?



I synced up a song in EOF and I can find the .eof files but I can't find PART_REAL_GUITAR.xml. In fact I searched my entire C: drive for PART_REAL_GUITAR and I can't find it. Is there a way to force EoF to generate that file? Thanks.


By the way, this background may be helpful... or it may be completely useless because the file is gone and I just need to know how to generate a new one.


I'm a beginner doing this so I started out with a pretty hard song, not knowing how hard it would be to sync things up. After trying to sync for a while I abandoned that project, but I think PART_REAL_GUITAR was still generated. I'm using the directory structure from this tutorial




and I think I saw PART_REAL_GUITAR in the Working directory.


I synced up an easier song and then used the toolkit to create a psarc file using PART_REAL_GUITAR from the Working directory (I figured maybe it had been overwritten and I'd be safe doing it) but when I loaded it into the toolkit, the song title and artist name of the harder song appeared. I went ahead and created the psarc file anyways just as an experiment. I copy and pasted it into my Steam dlc folder and went to play the game.  Neither song showed up. I played Rocksmith for a while and shut down my computer. When I turned it on today and went to look for the psarc file and the PART_REAL_GUITAR file, they were both gone.

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