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  1. Thanks a lot. That worked. :) I have a lot of work to do on the custom I made but at least I finally got one to work!
  2. It shows up in the list of songs and looks like any other song with the album picture and the music playing. It allows me to tune the guitar to start playing it. When I try to play through the whole song, there is no noise except the audience and there is no scrolling. If I go into riff repeater and go to different sections, I can sometimes see notes but they are greyed out. If they aren't greyed out and I try to press space bar and play, no scrolling happens for several seconds and there is no noise but then it starts rapidly scrolling through all the notes and making a noise like it's skipping. I tried playing my song in Score Attack on Hard. It did no scrolling and after a few seconds gave me a gold pick for not missing any of the notes that it didn't give me. When I created the psarc it gave me a warning saying there was no preview. I created it with the preview though (The file I selected in Custom Song Creator ends in _preview_04E340D8.wem). I went ahead and created it anyways without trying to fix the issue.
  3. Thanks. The file was generated when I checked off Rocksmith 2 and I was able to see the song in the game. It's impossible to actually play the song but I suppose I'll make a new topic about that since that's an entirely different kind of problem.
  4. I synced up a song in EOF and I can find the .eof files but I can't find PART_REAL_GUITAR.xml. In fact I searched my entire C: drive for PART_REAL_GUITAR and I can't find it. Is there a way to force EoF to generate that file? Thanks. By the way, this background may be helpful... or it may be completely useless because the file is gone and I just need to know how to generate a new one. I'm a beginner doing this so I started out with a pretty hard song, not knowing how hard it would be to sync things up. After trying to sync for a while I abandoned that project, but I think PART_REAL_GUITAR was still generated. I'm using the directory structure from this tutorial http://customsforge.com/topic/1922-how-to-make-pc-cdlcs-for-rocksmith-2014-tutorial-wscreenshots-by-darjusz/ and I think I saw PART_REAL_GUITAR in the Working directory. I synced up an easier song and then used the toolkit to create a psarc file using PART_REAL_GUITAR from the Working directory (I figured maybe it had been overwritten and I'd be safe doing it) but when I loaded it into the toolkit, the song title and artist name of the harder song appeared. I went ahead and created the psarc file anyways just as an experiment. I copy and pasted it into my Steam dlc folder and went to play the game. Neither song showed up. I played Rocksmith for a while and shut down my computer. When I turned it on today and went to look for the psarc file and the PART_REAL_GUITAR file, they were both gone.
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