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A Few Suggestions & things noticed



A few things I noticed, but overall it looks really cool. I use Chrome OS


  1. The theme of dark doesn't work.
  2. When changing themes it resorts your results back to default
  3. After choosing Dark theme, the theme settings drop down is odd, has scroll bars in it
  4. the settings for # per page are horizontal instead of a drop down list
  5.  Dynamic difficulty drop down under settings has scroll bars
  6. Preferred part has scroll bar flashes as it opens but they disappear
  7. Preferred platform has scroll bars too
  8. ---- I think the drop down logic needs some refinement, all of them under settings do odd things. my expectation would be normal drop downs, that are all 1 item per row/line and no need for scroll bars if less than 10 items in a drop down and all text should be left-justified
  9. Under filters, the DD, says Hide DD- took me a min to figure that out, it may just be me, but it would probably be better just having a yes/no choice. not a big deal
  10. for Part, (in filters) - what is "Lead or Rhythm?  should this maybe be a combo box that you can select more than one... e.g. show me songs with Bass & Lead?
  11. Tuning under filters has unnecessary horizontal scroll bar

All super-minor stuff with the UI. overall it's really cool and I like the collections feature and the help is neat the way you did that.  nice work guys.

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This is my best Christmas gift  :D I am so grateful for all work

only thin that i miss from cdlc search is i have to refreshing every time i start page and i miss marking new songs since last visit  

but i can live without it so great work congrats 


Ok thats done sorry for that

one year old bass player

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Excellent work so far.  I have just a few niggles you may be interested in hearing.


Selecting the menu item "Add to Collection".  The appropriate song is added ok but the drop down menu box remains open on the screen.  I can close it by left clicking on an unused part of the screen but I expected it to close automatically as soon as a selection was made.


Selecting "Search", "Collection", I seem to be able to display my songs in separate groups of Artist,  Albums, Tuning etc. etc. but not as a single talble of songs.


I liked the old search engines ability to automatically enter any artist, song title, album, member or tuning I click on the screen, directly into the search box and list the results without any other input from the user.  In the new search engine I have to select the right filter and manually type the information into it.

Could you change the font to yellow instead/as well as high-lighting the new stuff?  It would stand out much better.

Is there any mileage in having Amazon.com links to enable the purchase of legal copies of the various songs/albums.  I personally think it would send the right signals to the powers that be.   
Much appreciate all the hard work done to date, not just the new search engine but the whole website in general.  Big thumbs up.


p.s. how do I save my collection?

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