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Practice strategy I came up with I'd like to share

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I have a log that I track every song I riff repeat begening to end. I write it down in a notebook I have with the title of the song, artist, rythm or lead and the date. I also put a note to the side of what techniques the song is teaching me.


I keep every song at 100% difficulty I just adjust the speed according to how challenging the song is.



Metallica - Jump in the Fire (Rythm) (Palm mutes, Power chords, alternate picking)


12/19/14 - 75% Speed - 10 Notes Missed

12/20/14 - 75% Speed - 8 Notes Missed



I usually stick to 5 songs at a time because the goal is to use a song as a lesson and play it as much as you can. There are so many cdlc's here that can be constructivly used to help us improve its just how you do it, I find playing at a slow pace can get boring but its so effective. Thats why by having a journal of what your playing makes it more fun and interesting.


I look at my book and only have 7 songs logged right now. But I wonder how much im going to improve once the book is filled to the end or even halfway.


Everyone has their own way. I thought I would just share with you guys!


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Great idea. I respect your dedication to working on only a handful of songs at a time and to really focus on learning from RS. A lot of people, me included, use RS mostly as a means to play some songs we like and enjoy ourselves while doing a little practice but not really try to master the songs and the techniques included.

I may use this approach to improve on some of my weakpoints, so thanks for sharing.

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I like the journal/progress tracker idea, it is definitely something that should have been a feature of RS.

personally I am too lazy to do it myself, but would love it if when I clicked on a RS song it told me where i was at with my previous play through, not just telling me what was my best achievement, regardless of whether it was at 50% speed or 100%.


I have a spare white board lying around I may just put it up and try and track a few songs myself now, thank you.

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