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converting from pc to mac

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First off, I need to say how grateful I am for everyone who put the effort into making this whole "CDLC" thing a reality, it's absolutely amazing.


Secondly, I am pretty useless when it comes to computer....anything, and I am having trouble finding out how to convert the pc cdlc's to mac...


Up to this point I am successfully playing mac cdlcs on rocksmith but the only thing I have found for converting are a few not so much helpful posts for someone like me who is pretty rookie with computer


If someone can provide me with a step by step, with links to the software needed I would be extremely thankful.



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This is where to get the toolkit




and more specifically





Once you have that running use the "Converter" tab, and it's quite straightforward from there.



I will warn though, that sometimes conversions don't work.  If you get into game and the song doesn't start or something (freezes), the first thing to try is to convert again.


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


Remember not to have multiple copies of songs in your dlc folder.  If you make a new version, erase the old version.


If you can't get a particular song to work that you really want to play, then leave a message in the song's thread.  Generally, charters are helpful people and will try to sort you out.




Have fun :D

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It's a problem with the last bunch of revisions of the Toolkit.  You don't need Parallels or Windows.


Just download version and it will work fine.  If you're running Yosemite, make sure you have the corrected version of Mono, found here:



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