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Latest Update (11/29/14)


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Happy Holidays!

Before I begin with the announcements/news I want to congratulate all of our users for hitting over 100,000 posts.

Additionally we're near to hitting 9,500 songs which is a huge milestone. We're close to hitting 60,000 users.

Let's start this off with an update on Ignition.


If you're not aware already we've been working on Search 3 (aka Ignition) for awhile now. We've dedicated ourselves to this project and want to bring everyone the greatest search engine for songs.


As of today I want to announce that all Magna Charters will be able to beta test the new search soon. 

After we receive enough feedback and fix any search-breaking bugs we can release it to everyone.


Changelog update for Search 2 to Search 3:

Please note some of these features may not be included in the beta and released in the future

Features not included but are currently being worked on:

Introducing our new front page, the Ignition dashboard. This is a work in progress concept that will feature the latest Rocksmith news.

Additionally on the left it will display search statistics (that you can set which ones you want) such as Newest CDLC, Recently Updated, Most Downloaded, Top Requests, Newly Fulfilled Requests & Latest Topics.

A forum link that goes to the forums is displayed on the main navigation


We're in the process of making requests integrated into the same theme for Ignition. We will release more information in the future.



Creators is another work-in-progress project where users can manage the CDLC they have created. A wiki will be provided where users can provide guides & documentation.

We've recently acquired http://rocksmithcustoms.wikispaces.com/and will intergrate this for everyone to use.

Additionally links are provided to go to rocksmith toolkit & editor on fire.



Here are some screenshots. Please note nothing you see is final and there will be multiple themes released in the future.






Overview of features:
Main search rewritten from scratch.
A dedicated area for showing new song updates.

Record Overlay displays information about the song before you download. You can also view comments without leaving the page.

Mobile friendly search. Out and about? Want to check & save songs to download for later? This is all possible now.

Add songs to collection. This allows you to manage the CDLC you have downloaded and it will show any updates.

An alternative way to search by using our "browse" feature. View songs grouped by Artists, Albums, Tuning, Member, Added, Updated.

Artist view. This is a current feature in search2 ported over.
Better filters & search settings.

An updated "2014-2015" design which looks and uses modern techniques.

& plenty of more features.


We're also working on improving the forums to bring a better experience. This will happen next year.

There are plenty of more announcements in the future

I hope you're looking forward to the future of CustomsForge. We're nearing our 1 year anniversary and I'm excited to see the future changes of our website.


Please remember to donate so we can keep this website up. All donations are used for servers, development work, script renewals, and any additional services we use such as Teamspeak.



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