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Working with Chords/Official Sheets



Well i have a little/big problem. I wan't to create a song from a sheet but only have the Chords on it and the BPM and Tuning on the back for the song's.

For example the Hm (Bm) chord. (Link at the right moment)


If i would at it like on the Sheet, it would be sound way to melodic even with disortion.

So the question are:
1. Is there a way to create this "normal" into some Powerchords?
2. Is there a way to know what kind of note they used depending on the sheet? 4th,16th or is it a Try and Error Game?
3. How to figure out the bass track?

I know stupid question, but if you never work with something like this it can struggle you.


Thx for all help


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First of all thx.

Second srsly how in da hell could you hear it that it is tuned down a half step xD because that is right ^^

So as far as i can see (maybe also understand). You just used the Minor Chord that i gave and adding the a 5 so it is a simple Powerchord? Because those Chords are G5, E5, A5,F#5,H5 and D5. So if i want to work with chords like that and it's sounds like a Powerchord i only had to watch what the 5 Chord is?

and third.

I have no clue about the root note xD sry, im not into notes and stuff like that.

But if I'm not complete wrong. You mean if a riff starts vor example with a G5 chord (guitar) than i had to use the E3 note and watch where is this note at the bass?


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I played it so I could tell it was down a half step.




You are right about playing power chords instead of Major/minor chords.




The chord progression for the chorus of the song is shown as:

Bm D A G


You can play along as:

B5 D5 A5 G5

because that's what the rhythm guitarist is doing. 




The chord progression for the verse is shown as:

G Em A

You COULD play along like this:

G5 E5 A5

but you shouldn't because the guitarist is not playing any chords during the verse.  You'd have to figure out the single notes he's playing and tab that.   If you were to tab the verse using power chords it would not sound out of place or wrong because you'd be following the chord progression, but it wouldn't be accurate.


I hope this makes sense, if it doesn't let me know and I'll go into more detail.

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