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Splitting Rocksmith Input



I know quite a lot of people here play with the output from their guitar split between the game and their own setup with pedals and amps, and I'd like to do something similar, it makes it easier to actually hear what you're actually playing, rather than having it mixed in with the rest of the ingame audio, I already have pedals and my own tones set up on my board for most of the songs I play a lot on Rocksmith, so I thought I'd look into splitting the guitar output.


I've read topics in here where people have got Y cable splitters, one male plug to two femaie plugs, but the websites they've linked too have been American and I've not been able to find an equivelent for sale on an English website, but last week I found a guitar cable splitter as described above in an electonics shop for £7, but it seems all of the output only goes into one side, and the other side is really quiet and there's a lot of feedback on it, so it was impossible to play rocksmith with the input split into my own rig.


So, long story short, what are other people here using to split the guitar output? and where I can get it from, preferably cheap (Under £10 if possible)



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Cheapest i could find was this

http://www.thomann.de/gb/lead_foot_aby.htm for 15 pound. This is excluding shipping.

Price for including shipping to the UK would make it 22,90 pound. I realise this slightly above your budget but like i said, cheapest i could find.


You gonna need someone else with a little bit more experience confirm it actually would work though :P


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I would suggest getting an ABY switch (like Longstreet also suggested), instead of a cheap splitter.  It will eliminate the sound degradation and feedback problems.  I use a Radial Bigshot ABY (made in Canada) but there are lots of different brands/models available out there.


It will also give you some added functionality outside of Rocksmith as you can have 2 guitars go to the same pedalboard/amp, or 1 guitar to two pedalboards/amps.

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