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Rocksmith Has Suddenly Stopped Working!

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Has there been an update or something that's broken cDLC..?


Have tried deleting and replacing that dll file and still no dice. The game crashes after the whitel splashscreen when it clears the screen and starts loading, leaving a white screen and the Rocksmith loading icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen.


The bloomin thing was working fine yesterday too.


Anyone else having a problem..? If not, can anyone think how I can get things working again..?


Many thanks in advance! :blink:

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Yup, first thing I tried. Also tried the second dll file too as well as the launcher thingy but still no dice. Have now tried uninstalling it completely and installing it on another drive. Hopefully that's going to solve the problem.


Haven't played the game or my guitar for a while and just started again yesterday. Have had a new telly since I last played it and got some video lag which is annoying but can sort that out with the options if I remember correctly.


Got no audio lag though which is the main thing!

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Yup, cheers for that but I already knew that.


Looks like uninstalling and reinstalling on a different drive has done the trick. Will have to check out that hard drive for errors now.


I tend to go through hard drives pretty quickly because I leave my PC on 24/7 lol.

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