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Royal Blood - Royal Blood (Full Album)


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Seeing as their debut album just released and lets face it they're a kick-ass band, I thought I would try and compile CDLC's of their entire first album.


Below you can find the entire download for their entire debut album including the b-side, Hole.


1. Out of the Black -         Completed by Antithez - Download

2. Come on Over -           Completed by UKLooney - Download

3. Figure it Out -              Completed by UKLooney - Download

4. You Can Be So Cruel - Completed by UKLooney - Download

5. Blood Hands -              Completed by UKLooney - Download

6. Little Monster -             Completed by UKLooney - Download

7. Loose Change -           Completed by Antithez - Download

8. Careless -                    Completed by UKLooney - Download

9. Ten Tonne Skeleton -   Completed by UKLooney - Download

10. Better Strangers -      Completed by UKLooney - Download

11. Hole -                         Completed by UKLooney - Download


Credit to the above creators who have done a stellar job putting these together.


Enjoy! :)

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Love their album too. I just finished yesterday the customs of out of the black and loose change. I was planning to post in a few hours, unless you want to finish out of the black and post it yourself. I've got no problem with that.

I made a chart for guitar too, since the bassist using a bass and guitar amp on stage.

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If you've made a guitar charts too then It's probably best to post yours. I'll just start work on another song. I'll also post the link in the thread and give you credit when you upload.


Oh and if anyone else wants to make any of the songs from the album feel free it would obviously help me out in putting together the whole album.

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Indeed every song on the album is played only with bass and drums. The bass is played using a huge amount of effects and channeled through a variety of bass and guitar amps (I believe in the studio, the setup was 5 separate amps hooked up in the room). The main pedals used are distortion and octave effects. He kicks these in and out rapidly all through songs.


So, this would be something of a challenge to accurately make a Rocksmith chart with correct sounds! A plain old bass chart, not worrying about effects, is relatively simple, though.

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