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Losing The Distortion

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not sure if this is your issue or not but  I believe some of the earlier customs created without a custom tone caused some issues with this kinda stuff happening.....check out which customs this happens to you with and see if they have a custom tone or not....I might ne wrong but you could check it out...im sure someone else will chime in soon and be able to help you more 

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As other people are saying, it is caused by a specific song that wasn't packed correctly. I speak from experience, I always test my customs multiple times before uploading. One time I tested one of my songs and it played fine (Switched Tones at correct spots), but when I finished the song and entered the song menu, my tone was disabled and when I'd start another song it would stay clean. So I just repacked it and it was fine. So my advice is to find out what song caused this issue, and comment on its CDLC page. It will take the charter 1 min to fix the issue. Hope this helps!

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Same problem but also with on disc songs, earlier it happened more often, and also before I startet to play customs in RS2014.

So this must be another problem.

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If you play a song that has no custom tone set (As said this was a problem with earlier versions of the toolkit and earlier customs, now the toolkit has a default tone set to stop this from happening) your game will loose all tones until you restart the game, whether you play another CDLC, a built in song, or an offical DLC.


Basically, if you play a song with no tone, you will have no tone until you restart the game.

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When You say "Repack the Song" im not really sure what you mean. Im fairly new to this Custom DLC.  Thank you for any assistance and the assistance I have already received.

"Packing the Song" is the last step when charting a custom song. It is the step where the charter combines all of the needed XMLs, Song Audio, and Album Art. Therefore, "Repack the Song" means to redo that step. You will need the Rocksmith Toolkit to do this. Hope this helps

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