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Trouble Learning Fast Songs





I'd like to ask you how do you do to learn fast songs or sections. I'm really having trouble to learn some songs sections that have a lot a notes. Even if I enter Riff Repeater and slow down to the minimum speed it's also very hard.


One thing I noticed is that, even if the speed is set to 1, the real speed isn't set to 1%. It barely changes from 1 to 40 for instance. Does anybody knows what's the relation between riff repeater speed and real speed?


Other question: is there a way to choose how fast the speed will increase in Riff Repeater? Is it possible to increase speed 1 by 1 instead of 10 by 10?


Because of that problems I'm spending more time practicing on GoPlayAlong istead of Rocksmith, but it's not as fun as Rocksmith.



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Well, sometimes i just pause the game in that particular section and i just learn the riff playing it  very slowly. When you pause the game, you can see the options  also in riff repeater so you cannot see very well the notes. For this reason, sometimes i prefer to record  a playthrough of the song and just pause in every section with a  better vision of the sections.

About the real speed i don't know if is possible to set a different increasing speed.

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The speed % isn't a real % of the actual BPM for one good reason nobody wants to play at 1/2 bpm a riff it would be too fucking slow even for the fastest song in RS. I don't know the actual algorithm behind this metrics but overall if even at 1% can make sense out of the riff it is problably too hard for you at the moment and you might want to get back to it later after learning easier stuff.


And no it isn't possible to change the step in speed % and that's a feature that would be really usefull but you can still change the % yourself anyway so it's not that big of a deal.

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