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Found 12 results

  1. I'm after inside information or informed opinion, not just wishful thinking. Lets face it Guitar Hero and Rock Band are all but dead and no longer supported by the companies that made billions from them. In 2012 we got Rocksmith, great. In 2014 we got Rocksmith 2014, even better. In 2016 we got Rocksmith Remastered for free, Yah! In 2018 we got a few bug fixes, great. So what next? It's now a relatively mature product, so any improved version would probably require a complete costly rewrite. Ubisoft continues to support the product with ODLC, great, but for how long? CF has an apparently growing membership, a huge database of content and many dedicated charters (especially in death metal. :)) We see guitar shops folding and time honoured guitar companies going bankrupt. Kids are into singing and dancing these days more than playing guitars. Will Ubi upgrade again and keep the psarc format or create a whole new music game with a different format DLC. Will some other software company see the possibilities and create a bigger, better music game for guitarists and steal away RS users? Can CF carry on if Ubi dumps the product, no more support, ODLC or Real tone cables? Of course, we all want the status quo to continue with more improvements and more ODLC. I buy as much ODLC as I can afford with this in mind, even if I've got the song in CDLC. Does any member know someone who works for Ubisoft or a developer and can shed light on any of this? Your information in response is most welcome. Cheers, mczero
  2. Am I missing something or can you not download any songs that already have paid for dlc? I see them on the Search with all the other songs, but there is no download button? Any help would be great thanks!
  3. I purchased the Good Charlotte song pack this week but Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, the only song I really cared about, did not download properly and does not show in the game. I contacted UbiSoft support and they have been unable to provide a solution. Late last night I received message from Dan Amrich which indicated that if I am using CDLC then I have unauthorized files in RS2014 and am asking for support that because of the "modifications" I have chosen to use they may be unable to provide support for something I paid them for. I don't know if this is something that others in the community have run into before but I just want to let everyone know that UbiSoft may deny support if CDLC are present in your files.
  4. i bought rocksmith 2014 from steam when it was on sale. i activated it with the cd key from steam and everything was fine until yesterday, when i launched the game and it made me log in then input the cd key. i have tried everything, it always gives me an error that and i need to retry. it doesnt tell me if its my connection or the code or anything besides it doesnt work. (typical ubisoft). ive called ubisoft 4 times and it still doesnt work, ive uninstalled then reinstalled it, rebooted literally everything in my network. the strangest thing is that until yesterday, uplay did not show that i owned rocksmith 2014 when i activated it via the uplay application. it is now activated but rocksmith still asks for the cd key. ive tried everything, please help. ive bought over $70 in dlc and countless cldc songs.
  5. This week backtrack talk about the major pentatonic scale and his relative minor and how it is used in I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness. Go check it out on Ubisoft forums : I Believe in a Thing Called Love Read some more information on that Rocksmith 1 DLC at The Riff Repeater
  6. Love Singles Song Pack – $7.99 Bill Withers “Lovely Day” – [XBL] / SteamThe Cure “Friday I’m In Love” – E Standard: A456 [Lead/Rhythm] / Drop D: A456 [bass] – [XBL] / SteamSteve Vai “For The Love of God” – [XBL] / Steam Read more at our partner website: The Riff Repeater
  7. This week backtrack honor the great guitarist that was BB King with that Rocksmith 1 DLC that his "The Thrill Is Gone" Go check it out : The Thrill Is Gone Backtrack Read some more information on that Rocksmith 1 DLC at The Riff Repeater
  8. This week is a very special backtrack post which contain the backtrack and insight of the artist behind this song! Go check it out at ubi.li/fef74 Read some more information on those Rocksmith 2014 bonus song at The Riff Repeater
  9. All That Remains Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam All That Remains “Six” – D Standard – [XBL] / SteamAll That Remains “This Calling” – D Standard – [XBL] / SteamAll That Remains “Two Weeks” – C# Standard – [XBL] / Steam Read more at our partner website : The Riff Repeater Disappointed they didn't include the song you wanted? Isn't that what CustomsForge is here for?! CustomsForge Community Spotlight (CDLC Highlights): All That Remains "Not Alone" – D Standard – Released by: @@Izzy2014 (LRB w/ DD)All That Remains "The Weak Willed" – D Standard – Released by: @@randomhero (LRBV w/ DD)All That Remains "This Darkened Heart" – D Standard – Released by: @@randomhero (LRBV w/ DD)With 7 more songs in our database.
  10. You can check this week notetrack with Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr. about those two bluesy chords he uses and how it makes that song interesting. ubi.li/fhrv6 You can also check this old RS1 DLC on The Riff Repeater : http://www.theriffrepeater.com/rocksmith-dlc-102-indie-hits/
  11. If you wasn't there for Ubisoft steam on Thursday you can still check it out on youtube : The interview with Brendon Small, the man behind Dethklok start at the 45 minutes mark. You can still check out this DLC pack at out partner : TheRiffRepeater.com And do forget to check the other Dethklok songs available on Customs Forge : Dethklok "Deththeme" – C Standard – Released by: @@Zenithkicker (LRB w/ DD)Dethklok "Murmaider" – C Standard – Released by: @@Zenithkicker (LRB w/ DD)Dethklok "Bloodlines" – C Standard – Released by: @@Ifrit1332 (LRBV)With 19 more songs in our database.
  12. You can check this week notetrack with Wipe Out by The Surfaris about alternate picking and finger rolling on the ubisoft forum. ubi.li/34dzc You can also check this DLC pack on the Riff Repeater : http://www.theriffrepeater.com/rocksmith-2014-dlc-624-surf-rock/
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