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Found 20 results

  1. First concerning issue I've come across with CFSM. I noticed today when loading the program, the log states Thinking maybe CFSM got corrupted I uninstalled, deleted the documents folder, downloaded a fresh copy and installed. On the upside, multi-thread scan is truly working for the first time I've enabled it, and the auto monitor feature is back again [lost that earlier today as well]. However, that log message continues. As I understand it, that rs1comp is the import tool dlc? I have also attempted to verify through steam, which downloaded a fresh file, only for CFSM to tag it as corrupted.
  2. RS audio disappears from my headphones during the loading splash screens - when I alt-tab and switch my audio to my headphones directly (instead of via my Elgato mixer) it returns. It happens at that EXACT SPOT - the little Rockstar logo - every time. My boss is potentially having the same issue and while his is more critical than mine, if I can get mine fixed, I can hopefully get his fixed. Full video of mine here: Any ideas??
  3. Help guys, i am like a poor man using No cable launcher for plauing rocksmith, and i wanted to play with my friens in multiplayer, i connected cables with Jack–Minijack into computer, one in inline, second into microphone, and launcher says player 1 and player 2 have the same input device ids make it different otherwise multiplayer wont work How can i fix this? I don't have any interfaces because i am poor LOL, i connect cables using built-in sound card Please help
  4. Hi all! For the last year, or so, I've been using Ignition4 to enhance my musical library and now I've decided that it was time for me to give some contribuition. I'm trying to create Audioslave's Wide Awake bass CDLC, but I'm running at some unusual problem that is a desynchronization of my waveform and the actual song, after I've added the Leading Silence. You can see from the screen shot below that my wave starts and after a second the sound begin (yellow dot). What is most intriguing is that as soon as the silence is added, is synchs nicely - after I rewind the song to double check, it desynchs. I've uploaded the Ogg file and would be very thankful if someone could lend me a hand on this, since I've already tried messing several things. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZKJruM4tM0kjYf8lDzTw_HlsX0s0i8Js/view?usp=sharing
  5. Hey Everyone - I just bought a new HP laptop and installed Rocksmith 2014 Remastered from Steam. However, the sounds is not working at all. As in from the moment the load up sounds and music start it is popping and choppy and robotic. Same thing persists through menu navigation and songs. It's pretty much got me dead in the water as I've tried 3-4 options for the settings in the Rocksmith.ini file. Nothing is resolving it so I thought I would turn to this community. My PC specs are below. If anyone can let me know if they have experienced this before and/or any potential fixes I would be grateful. PC Specs: Processor: AMD Athlon Silver 3050U Radeon Graphics 2.30 GHz RAM: 4GB System: 64-bit OS: Windows 10 Home Thanks in advance!
  6. I have not been able to play rocksmith on my laptop for over a month now and i cant seem to figure out whats wrong, the game used to work perfectly and out of nowhere it stopped working, I've contacted ubisoft, steam support and i even looked around in Reddit and no luck please help. here's a link of what is happening to my game. ps this is my own video that i uploaded to youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opx0-EKrxZs
  7. I was going to dowload "no boudaries", but the file is missing from the dowload link. http://customsforge.com/index.php/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/no-boundaries-r4530 Please help =)
  8. I don't recall this ever happening in the past, but the past day I've been experiencing tone problems. The tone is the usual distorted one when the game starts, but once I start up a song... it goes clean. I have tones saved on my keyboard, and even when changing those it's still clean. The only way to fix it is to restart the game, and when I do the tone might stay for a song or two; that's it though. Is there a fix for this? Would CDLC be an issue?
  9. Hey I’m new guys having trouble finding KISS songs. I’m not really sure how the search engine works on this thing all I know is I can’t find hardly any at all. Thanks to anyone who offers advice!
  10. Hi everyone, When I try to open the tool kit I keep getting this error: https://imgur.com/DGC1err I'm not sure what I need to do to resolve this. Any advised would be much appreciated.
  11. Everything's been working fine up until a few weeks ago, now whenever I repair songs, they don't show up on my song list! I'm running the latest version, what's going on?
  12. Hey. This is regarding the available songs on Rocksmith and the artists that made those songs. I think we should make a deal with Ubisoft and get the artists onboard so we can make this into something that will make people have to pay the artists for their songs. We already remove any songs that the artists have made available for money. Why not take that a step further and get both the musicians and Ubisoft onboard and create a new form of income for the musicians we love?! Let's make our favourite bands a new way of making money while at the same time let the people who make these CDLCs get the money they deserve.
  13. Hi! I'm new here and new to CDLC for Rocksmith. I got the d3dx9_42.dll and the cherub rock dlc and got some cdlc songs to play, but there's a huge problem. I open one of the cdlc songs and it takes me to the tuner, and then once I'm done tuning the game is stuck at the wall and two speakers, but the game doesn't progress and I don't get any menus or navigation or anything, and I have to restart the game because of this. I tried looking for 3 separate versions of the dll and all 3 have failed. Is there anything else I could possibly be doing wrong? Please help! Thank you!
  14. Does rocksmith only support 4 tone changes in one arrangement or that's just EOF or RS Toolkit's stuff?
  15. Hi! I've been playing Rocksmith for a few months on bass and it's been awesome. The CDLC on this site has been great for helping me grow as a bassist, so I really appreciate the community here! The problem I'm having is a few days ago the sound input to Rocksmith stopped working correctly. I still get a sound from my bass, but it's octaves too low and is just a barely decernable rumble. I tried listening to the cable outside of Rocksmith in the recording devices tab and it sounds perfect, just as I would expect. Troubleshooting I've tried: -Playing with volume adjustments in the sound bar of windows 10 -Playing with the Rocksmith .ini file -Reinstalled Rocksmith -Reinstalled Cable Drivers Nothing seems to be helping. I don't think the cable is broken because it sounds just like you would expect outside the game, it's only inside the game that it's a solid wall of noise. I also don't think it's my guitar because I tried two and had the same result. The game is unplayable at this point because Rocksmith can't detect any of my notes, which is rather regrettable because I was really starting to enjoy myself. Has anyone seen this problem before or have suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks!
  16. I purchased the Good Charlotte song pack this week but Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, the only song I really cared about, did not download properly and does not show in the game. I contacted UbiSoft support and they have been unable to provide a solution. Late last night I received message from Dan Amrich which indicated that if I am using CDLC then I have unauthorized files in RS2014 and am asking for support that because of the "modifications" I have chosen to use they may be unable to provide support for something I paid them for. I don't know if this is something that others in the community have run into before but I just want to let everyone know that UbiSoft may deny support if CDLC are present in your files.
  17. Hi there! I am Saka and I have an important question regarding EOF ( It's BPM specifically) if anyone can answer. So, What I'm trying to do; Sync Lead, Rhythm, and Bass arrangements up. What was accomplished; I've Synced the starting note for all arrangements at the beginning and up to 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through. Problem; When I change the ending BPM to a faster beat after slowing the beat down for the last BPM change, the notes are cutoff for going off-track/ending of song. So far I've tried almost every possible combination to get around this 'cut' but it ends up happening either way or the notes do not end up being on the right beat. Question; Could someone care to explain or if there is anyway at all around this situation as I've transcribed 27 CDLC so far but this bands (Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas) Tempo specifically constantly changes which makes it all the more harder to comprehend at times. Thank you for those who take the time to read this and reply or give advice.
  18. Guys the site from where we download custom toolkit has crashed,can someone plz sent me the folder of the toolkit cause i really need it?
  19. Can any Admin/Supporter delete this page? http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/a-gentlemens-coup-r15220 I just added the Music Video and it appeared twice on the Customsforge Search.. (with different URLs)
  20. con2000

    Just Asking

    I've only made a couple cdlc's, But when I use the toolkit I always Generate PC Only. Because I don't own a mac, ps3, or xbox 360. But:Should I generate them anyway? Even If I cannot support them? I still feel bad for the people on consoles
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