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  1. Hey Everyone - I just bought a new HP laptop and installed Rocksmith 2014 Remastered from Steam. However, the sounds is not working at all. As in from the moment the load up sounds and music start it is popping and choppy and robotic. Same thing persists through menu navigation and songs. It's pretty much got me dead in the water as I've tried 3-4 options for the settings in the Rocksmith.ini file. Nothing is resolving it so I thought I would turn to this community. My PC specs are below. If anyone can let me know if they have experienced this before and/or any potential fixes I would be gr
  2. Not sure where else to put this and couldn't find a place to contact an admin directly but I've been trying to use the CDLC search for the last few days and when I am scrolling through the recent adds on the main CDLC page I get redirected to an unsecured website telling me my flash player is out of date. I have confirmed that my flash is definitely not out of date. It pretty much is making it so I can't use the CDLC search and I am constantly having to close/reopen the web page because the flash player message is clearly some kind of malware attempt. I am on a Mac if that makes any difference
  3. Good Morning - I have been trying to download the RockSmith Toolkit for Mac repeatedly over the last few days and get nothing but the error about the file being damaged. I attempted the suggested workarounds in the posts above but my terminal continues to tell me "commands not found" when I try to enter them in. I am having no issue at all running the m.pars files in my Rocksmith but would love to be able to access the larger catalog that is available as p.pars files. I am pretty new to Custom Forge and the PC world as I always previously used Rocksmith on Xbox so any help or feedback the comm
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