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Found 6 results

  1. in the title, i've tried playing lonely boy by the black keys twice and whenever i go into it it does the bit where its about to play but the top bar isn't there and a lot of the songs just have a line rather than showing the difficulty, any suggestions, thanks
  2. I would like to get into more classical music but i don't know many artist/composers. I know the top guys Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. If anyone would like to suggest some other artist/composers that would be great. Thank you in advance.
  3. Soo I'm working on Rolling Stones-Doom and Gloom right now, but I don't know what tone should I use ... Any suggestions? :)
  4. Hello there, I've been on a boards for quite some time (firstly smithy's then custom's) and I think I have some suggestions worth sharing. Some of them might have been suggested before, but I couldn't find the particular thread or reply. The suggestions are not sorted by importance, just how they came to my mind 1. DLC MANAGER I know this isnt suggestion for board. But it is for the developers and programmers. I know that back on smithy's there was this project, a program where you could add you custom dlcs and disable / enable them anytime you wanted. But it worked only for RS1, and it was only beta. I do believe it is very important that we as a community have to create program of this sort. It will much more easier to seperate trash from good customs. To disable/enable songs. But I think the most important feature should be UPDATER for customs. Im no IT guy, I have no idea how it should work. But when I was playing HoN (heroes of newerth), there was huge amount of mods on the boards. And the modders (normal people like magna charters) were constantly updating these mods, so someone created very similiar program, where you could manage these mods and update them only by clicking some button. I know that if we wanted to do something like this the files would be have to moved. And there will have to be lots of work. but I think it is number 1 suggestion, to create something like this. If this is already done and somewhere on boards, you have the permission to kill me, and im sorry. 2. CUSTOMS RATING There has been lots of disscussion about this matter. And we all agree that there has to be approved section. ETC. ETC. I know the mods are working on this, so I dont have to write more. But this is 2nd priority, to improve everything, I believe. 3. DIFFICULTY SEARCH The next thing im going to talk about is Difficulty. It is very nice what Championship is doing ---> delivering songs to people who want to learn more, and making it as a competition. I think every dlc should have difficulty stars (or whatever really) where the creator of DLC writes the difficulty of the song in 5 categories maybe: 1. Begginner 2. Advanced 3. Intermediate 4. Master 5. Pro 4. GENRE SEARCH It has been disscused before. And I think you know what I mean by this. Add genres to songs and add search option 5. ALBUM FAVORITE I think it will be nice to separate favorites. For example I like the artist MUSE which i put star next to, and everytime someone does muse song the color will pop up. Yes this is amazing. But it could be slightly better if there was option to Favorite only particular album. Many people do soundtracks, or 'jam projects' and there is a possibilty that I dont like the author of the song, or I dont even know the author, but I know I will like the album. So I want to have 'jam' project highlighted in order to not miss anything. 6. REWARDS I've experienced this on other boards and I believe it is an amazing idea. I think there should be awards on the board. Monthly, yearly. Whatever you chose. The main category should be -> of course, something related to customs. I think magna charters should be judged and reviewed. If they get award for 'best custom of month' or whatever, it increases the moral of the whole contributor community. People would like to win award like this. And maybe the vote should be public. Moderators chose 5 best songs of the month. Maybe more, im just thinking oud loud here. And people would download them and vote, for the best tone, best chart, every part of the custom that is important. maybe there should be award for, most consecutive customs uploaded, or most customs uploaded. Or something that rewards the constant update of songs. You'll have to get creative with these. And of course theres rewards for the public. For people who use this forum to share their ideas and talk. etc. etc. You should reward them too, for coming here. On MUSE boards it looks something like this http://i.imgur.com/ZHOQX4M.png just an example.
  5. Hiya! Just a feature suggestion for when CDLC creators are filling out the upload form. I'd like them as 2 separate check boxes, if possible. :) I know that it's not mission critical, since the game ignores anything above 21 frets (right?) score-wise, but it would be nice to know in advance so I know which guitar to grab. I am actually working on making a CDLC for a song that has 24 frets, so that's how I had the idea. Thanks! Bill (here's a 22 fret song right here! http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/fate-r18987 ;)) 197
  6. Hey guys, I'm reteaching my old man how to play guitar again so we can play Rocksmith together and instead of him being confused and struggling with the new stuff like AX7 and other bands I might like, I want some of the best CDLCs or DLCs for Rocksmith that are be easyier and classic rock songs. Like from the 50's to the 80's type of stuff. Ex. Johnny B. Goode Best Suggestions?
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