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Found 11 results

  1. find a song by name pushing shift on the keyboard do nothing i cant search songs by name how can i fix it ?? please help !
  2. I got rocksmith 2014 remastared on steam and when i play i notice the volume of the game is very low like a whisper, i see game setting and check my laptop altavoz mixer and seems runing fine.
  3. So I made a cdlc, I set up the tone changes, but when I play the game it never changes at all. I can load in the tones on the tone editor for the song, but it won't switch by itself while playing the song. Could someone please help me with this?
  4. I need help to fix cdlc songs in rocklsmith 2014 iv'e tried all the tutorials but it hasn't worked if anyone could please help me i would appariecate it
  5. so i've been playing this game a lot and i have got a fair amount of cdlc, but when i logged on to rocksmith today all of the cdlc is gone. ive checked the dlc folder and it is all still there but it wont show up in game. help?
  6. i recently upgraded to windows 10 but now when i launch rocksmith an error message pops up saying: ERROR SOUND INITALIZATION No audio output device detected. please connect and enable an audio output device and restar Rocksmith 2014. i have checked and my audio devices are working but still rocksmith gives me this message. is this a common thing? can sombody fix it?
  7. The problem is that,some times if i make chengens in a CDLC lead part and than go to do the rhythm part and than it mess up the lead part,and BTW RS toolkit don't want to import the rhythm guitar part,what shold i do?
  8. Hi! Most of the CDLCs don't appear on Mac. Sometimes they do, sometimes not. (Mostly not) Is there any way to fix this? I'm using the RS Injector (+ Steam running in the background) (Changing the APP ID to Cherub Rock doesn't help either)
  9. Hi Guys, I can't install the ToolKit on my Mac. I am running Mac OS 10.9.4 XQuartz Updated to the latest mono project Downloaded and installed the latest ToolKit build for mac The RSInjector works fine, I am able to download the songs already formatted for Mac but I have some PC versions I would like to convert to Mac... So, when I fire up the ToolKit, (steam is on) I can see the Icon bobble up and down on the dock but then it disappears without launching anything, no matter how long I wait. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can try? Help would be appreciated
  10. I just ended my daily Rocksmith session earlier than usual. I just downloaded some new customs, I tried them...and I'm pissed off. Most of the customs are missing sections, their tab sucks, the tones are weak or they cause a problem with the RS' tone mechanism and you have to restart the game, the audio quality sucks, there are missing arrangements etc... When I make a custom I usually sit with my guitar and play most of the tab and see if it's correct and test my custom many...MANY times to be sure that my custom will be at least playable. There are just too many customs that suck and I haven't got time to leave feedback on every of them. Let's be honest - most of the users don't even notice the problems, leave positive feedback and are happy that someone even made a song that they wanted. Some contributors even ignore the feedback just leaving the custom as it is. I can't understand that. We need an "approved section" or at least a "trash" in my opinion. I even made myself a "Trash" folder, which size will be rising... http://i.imgur.com/uvIG0pv.png I haven't still haven't played many of the customs that I downloaded and I have to re-play some to see if they're playable, but one is sure...I feel better somehow after posting this. I check the submitted CDLC area every day (to download customs and check for updates) and the number of weak customs is rising. We need to do something. I hope there are people that understand me.
  11. I am having issues playing songs that have similar song names. Nine Inch Nails - Hurt / Johnny Cash - Hurt. Porbot - Sweet Dreams / Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams The Misfits - Last Caress / Metallica - Last Caress Def Leppard Love Bites / Halestorm - Love Bites (And So Do I) Joe Satriani - Cryin' / Aerosmith - Cryin' In some cases the Album art/song titles get mixed up in the song list. like It'll show the Album art for Def Leppard, Say the artist is Def Leppard But have the title as: Love Bites (And So Do I) . the audio will play Def Leppard. But if I try to play it, it'll freeze. Nine Inch Nails - Hurt - Plays audio from the Johnny Cash Version, and also freezes. Metallica - Last Caress - Plays Metallica, has the correct info, but still freezes, while the Misfits version isn't in the list. I've tried to Move these files to a different folder. That hasn't worked. Has anyone else noticed this? and or have any suggestions on how to fix it?
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