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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I had successfully installed custom DLCs and played them quite a few times. I was in the middle of "I Don't Wanna Stop" and hit pause. When I hit exit from the pause menu, my laptop crashed, won't turn on, not even the battery indicator light shows up. My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad that easily exceeded the minimum requirements, but it is currently a brick. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm thinking of getting Rocksmith for Xbox one, but then I lose so many custom DLC that are so fun, but is it worth another crash?? Ughhh.... Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I wasn't sure if this was the best place to post this, but it seemed like a decent fit. I've really been enjoying all the amazing work everyone has put into creating custom DLC for Rocksmith 2014, and I decided to give back in my own little way. It's kind of OCD, but some of you might find it helpful. I wrote a little program that will go through your DLC folder and rename all the PC DLC songs to match the embedded metadata, so it's easier to see what songs you actually have by keeping them consistently named. I also use it just to help identify songs that have incorrect metadata so I can manually fix them using the Custom Song Creator Toolkit. Here's my github page: https://github.com/Darrken/RockSmithDLCRenamer Make sure you read the ReadMe on that page! The source code is all there, and the program itself is in the "exe" folder for those that don't want to compile it on your own. :) I'm actually using methods from the Custom Song Creator Toolkit to get the metadata, so you developers will see some familiar DLLs in the Bin folder. I hope some of you find this useful. Update: Dropbox link to compiled program
  3. Hello, I am new here, I purchased Rocksmith 2014 a number of months ago from Steam. While perusing the huge list of DLC I saw some old favorites that I've wanted to learn. They were for the orginal Rocksmith, but the game clearly says that it will still work in Rocksmith2014. However, Steam does not see it that way. Steam will not allow me to download the DLC because I do not own the original Rocksmith (a restriction that would make sense for most games). So I contacted steam support to see if they could make some exception or help me out in some way, but they couldn't help me. So I tried to get around the restriction by downloading the Rocksmith Demo from Steam and see if that would allow me to buy the DLC. Nope. I've checked to see if I can get it directly from ubisoft or maybe another digital distributer like GOG. No luck. I would appreciate it if someone here knows another place I could buy the old DLCs from. Digitally or on CD, I don't really care. Or of some way to get around Steam's restrictions. I want to be clear, I am looking for a way around Steam, not a way around buying the DLC. Any help or suggestions you could give me would be appreciated.
  4. This may seem an easy question but I know how to install custom songs, but for example, when I go to download paramore misery business or blink 182 dammit, it takes me to a page which is about the DLC on the steam STORE and it does not give me a download link like all of the custom songs I add on? Any one here know how to add all the DLC stuff that normally appears on steam store? THANK YOU! <3
  5. Hello, So I had to reinstall Rocksmith on a new computer, the old one bricked. I loved playing My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean, but cannot find it on the CustomsForge search. Could anyone please PM me and kindly send me the psarc file for My Kinda Party? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, David
  6. The Mumford and Sons Songpack on Steam seem to be unavailable in Australia (possibly for legal reasons). Does anyone know how to get it? I've tried to buy it on Steam several times over the years, but Steam just won't let me.
  7. hello ladies and gentleman i have a problem about add original id songs i found some songs in customsforge, especially metallica, i downloaded and i installed rscustom programme. i chose one song and rscustom programme said song id is successful then, i copied it song in C:// program filesx86/steam/steamapps/common/rocksmit2014/dlc i copied but i cannot see when i opened game. who will help me :) i know its easy but, i am human, i missing something :)
  8. Hi to all I got a new version of rocksmith remastered by download 2 days ago, and since that bad day I don't see any more my downloaded DLC. Sometime ago the issue was fixed by a new version of the D3DX9_42.dll. But today ? Thanx for your help best regards
  9. Hello all, I've recently moved from XBOX to PC, I'm now using Steam to Play Rocksmith 2014. Since I can't import purchased songs from my XBOX account, I'll be buying some of them again and one of them is: Born under a Bad Sign: by Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Looking in the Steam DLC's, this is only available for Rocksmith, not Rocksmith 2014. So, is there a difference between what's available for XBOX RS2014, and what's available for the same game on Steam? Sorry if this is somehow obvious but I'm brand new to Steam and still finding my way around! Thanks, Nick.
  10. Hi all, Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I recently switched from Xbox360 to PC and am still getting up to speed on the file structure. I'm trying to back-up my DLCs so that I don't loose anything in case of a crash and am running into a wall: Using Rocksmith 2014 I purchased B.B. King's The Thrill Is Gone. When I go to the x386/steam/steamapp/rocksmith2014/common/dlc directory I cannot find the .psarc file. When I play the game it shows up properly in the game. When I log into Steam, I see the DLC in the purchase history, but not in the inventory. Is this because I bought the DLC via the Store and not Steam directly? For my other DLC Cherub Rock that I purchased, I see it both as a .psarc and in the Steam Inventory. Thx for any clues!
  11. Hi to all I got a new version of rocksmith remastered with the automatic steam update, and since that bad day I don't see any more my downloaded DLC. Sometime ago the issue was fixed by a new version of the D3DX9_42.dll. But today ? how do you see your downloaded DLC ? Thanx for your help best regards
  12. I installed a lot of CDLC, and later can see that some DLCs are noy showing at all. (but I can see them installed in the console) The DLC rocksmith import (the big one) are missing, and some DLCs also are not showing at all. I uninstalled some CDLCs but the problems still remains. I'm using a rgh XBOX360 and I add the songs via usb. I don't know what is wrong.
  13. Hello there, I've been on a boards for quite some time (firstly smithy's then custom's) and I think I have some suggestions worth sharing. Some of them might have been suggested before, but I couldn't find the particular thread or reply. The suggestions are not sorted by importance, just how they came to my mind 1. DLC MANAGER I know this isnt suggestion for board. But it is for the developers and programmers. I know that back on smithy's there was this project, a program where you could add you custom dlcs and disable / enable them anytime you wanted. But it worked only for RS1, and it was only beta. I do believe it is very important that we as a community have to create program of this sort. It will much more easier to seperate trash from good customs. To disable/enable songs. But I think the most important feature should be UPDATER for customs. Im no IT guy, I have no idea how it should work. But when I was playing HoN (heroes of newerth), there was huge amount of mods on the boards. And the modders (normal people like magna charters) were constantly updating these mods, so someone created very similiar program, where you could manage these mods and update them only by clicking some button. I know that if we wanted to do something like this the files would be have to moved. And there will have to be lots of work. but I think it is number 1 suggestion, to create something like this. If this is already done and somewhere on boards, you have the permission to kill me, and im sorry. 2. CUSTOMS RATING There has been lots of disscussion about this matter. And we all agree that there has to be approved section. ETC. ETC. I know the mods are working on this, so I dont have to write more. But this is 2nd priority, to improve everything, I believe. 3. DIFFICULTY SEARCH The next thing im going to talk about is Difficulty. It is very nice what Championship is doing ---> delivering songs to people who want to learn more, and making it as a competition. I think every dlc should have difficulty stars (or whatever really) where the creator of DLC writes the difficulty of the song in 5 categories maybe: 1. Begginner 2. Advanced 3. Intermediate 4. Master 5. Pro 4. GENRE SEARCH It has been disscused before. And I think you know what I mean by this. Add genres to songs and add search option 5. ALBUM FAVORITE I think it will be nice to separate favorites. For example I like the artist MUSE which i put star next to, and everytime someone does muse song the color will pop up. Yes this is amazing. But it could be slightly better if there was option to Favorite only particular album. Many people do soundtracks, or 'jam projects' and there is a possibilty that I dont like the author of the song, or I dont even know the author, but I know I will like the album. So I want to have 'jam' project highlighted in order to not miss anything. 6. REWARDS I've experienced this on other boards and I believe it is an amazing idea. I think there should be awards on the board. Monthly, yearly. Whatever you chose. The main category should be -> of course, something related to customs. I think magna charters should be judged and reviewed. If they get award for 'best custom of month' or whatever, it increases the moral of the whole contributor community. People would like to win award like this. And maybe the vote should be public. Moderators chose 5 best songs of the month. Maybe more, im just thinking oud loud here. And people would download them and vote, for the best tone, best chart, every part of the custom that is important. maybe there should be award for, most consecutive customs uploaded, or most customs uploaded. Or something that rewards the constant update of songs. You'll have to get creative with these. And of course theres rewards for the public. For people who use this forum to share their ideas and talk. etc. etc. You should reward them too, for coming here. On MUSE boards it looks something like this http://i.imgur.com/ZHOQX4M.png just an example.
  14. I was having a heck of a time getting my cdlc to work and getting very depressed. I thought I followed all the directions perfectly, uninstall RS, remove my dlc, get the new .dll, ensure it was in the root, return the dlc, etc... And I kept giving a knod to the warning, "make sure you own Cherub Rock"....well that's important, because I assumed I did own it because everything was working before and, of course, was set to CR...but DUHFREAKINDUH...I did not own it, once I finally checked. So, bought CR, started from steam and vio-la all is well in rockville...learn from my stupidity brothas and sistas ROCK ON! --Duke
  15. Personaly i prefer the layout of rocksmith 1 with its ability to create playlists and the points and the concerts, so if there is any rocksmith 1 dlc page can you guys tell me where it is? and the tool to make it run cdlc? If there isnt rocksmith1 cdlc anymore and it got all deleted because it used to be on a different page. then is there any chance to have saved playlists of some sort? and is there any way to have rocksmith 1 concerts in rocksmith 2014? thanks. Also ive tried roadie but it never finds my dlc is there a proper tutorial? because i put the url of where my cdlc is at and at the bottom it says this may take a minute but i left it on all night and it didnt work...so im guessing im doing it wrong Edit: i remember Cdlc For R1 Was In a page called Smithyanvil but that got shutdown and turned to customsforge but i am sure there was also rs1 songs here too no?
  16. es que quelqu un aurait des dlc du groupe soja ?
  17. I have the Rocksmith 2014 Remastered bought in steam and i downloaded the dll and putted it in the RS folder but there wasn`t a D3DX9_42.dll to replace. I played the game and the cdlc`s that i have in the dlcs folder don`t appear. If any can help me i would be so grateful ;)
  18. When i download rocksmith songs and put them in my dlc and all that they show up in the game but when i play them the notes dont show up or the guitar?
  19. hi, i think all Dream Theater's Fans should go to Rocksmith's facebook page,sign up to Uplay if they haven't yet and request DT official songs !!!!! :D go here: https://www.facebook.com/rocksmith.usa/app_418953888161748 Request these songs (because only these can be played on E Standard on all parts): Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt.1: The Miracle And The SleeperDream Theater - Pull Me UnderDream Theater - Peruvian SkiesDream Theater - The Ytse JamDream Theater - Strange Deja VuDream Theater - Octavarium maybe one day they will release official DT dlc pack if we all do this !
  20. So, I installed a bunch of CDLCs, and bought Cherub Rock so that I wouldn't have to worry about changing IDs or anything. And today I bought Bachsmith and the Duran Duran pack, and the Duran Duran songs still show up with the lock icon in the song list, and the songs I bought aren't selectable. When I go to the shop, they still show up as "for sale". When I right-click the game in Steam, and go to the DLC tab, it shows the new songs and packs, with "Not Installed" on the rightmost column. so what do I have to do to get this working again?
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