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  1. Hi, I found some really nice exercises by Alex Rodman and a bunch by Fripponomic, and a recent one by Bojar. I love them. The "Artist" is always "You" when searching for them. Most that I have found are Blues and chords, which are great. Since they are not songs it seems like it may be uneventful to request more via the usual methods. I'd really like some that practice Scales exercises. Any others that you would suggest?
  2. hello i have just got the cdlc i wanted , but when i play it, seems to be on very high difficulty, too fast . i have turned dynamic difficulty off . but it hasnt made any differnce, any ideas could help me.
  3. For example, I'm trying to play American Idiot by Green Day. I downloaded the CDLC and put it in the correct folder. Something like 90% of my CDLC is working, just some of the songs are still locked. What should I do?
  4. The download link is a site that says the transfer is no longer available. Should be removed or reuploaded. While I'm at it, was anyone able to download it while it was up and is able to email it to me or something?
  5. I have noticed that if rocksmith releases a new song my cdl version becomes locked, how can I avoid this, it is annoying, I will work on a song and all of a sudden it is locked. Can I play offline ?
  6. Hello everyone. I dont know if this actually posted anywhere, but I didn't find anything (don't know how to search). I have both Rocksmith Remastered 2014 and cherub rock steam license. I have CFSM installed and used it to rename files. I have copied required dll. Game itself an CFSM sees songs, but when I starting to play it, I can see only empty stage and two sound monitors. I can play guitar and hear sound, but game does not starting (no in-game guitar, no music no strings and frets). This issue found on major number of cdlcs, not all of them. Not sure if I fully described issue. Any ideas? Thank you!
  7. I'm searching for Pink Floyd's Sorrow CDLC. In the request list appears as completed but I can't find it in the database. Anyone has the link? thanks! \m/ \m/
  8. Hey fellow fellows I just want to know something from other creators here. Lately I've been making songs i quite like only problem though is once I've made the songs i play them like twice and never again while other songs I've downloaded from other creators i have play counts over 50. When i think about it i feel like the fact that i made the cdlc takes away a bit of the magic of playing a song. Is it just me or do you fellow CDLC creators also lose interest in your own creations?
  9. Hello members, here in this corner of our little playground we can share our customs which fits the category of Reggae and Ska for testing. It doesn't matter if it is already released or just wip. Anyway we can help each other for fixing issues, improve tones, tabs or just interchange our thoughts about. I'm sure that we can learn of each other in various things and get and give good tips for charting. So let's get started. Who will bring the first cdlc for testing, I'm excitedly about that. so far, frippchen
  10. So I made some cdlc, but I need help with the distortions, the songs are Crying Lightning and I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor both of them by arctic monkeys. If you have any good ideia, let me know because at the moment I don't have any.
  11. We can use tones from any DLC or CDLC so lets collect our own CDLC tone database :) *I know that its good when you can search through the tones like through CDLC database, but not now :P How to import tones from game you can found here : http://customsforge.com/topic/2027-tone-creation-process-for-rocksmith-2014/ For saving tone in xml format do: Edit (imported) tone in tone list When you'll get tone form opened Click Save Name tone like "song_tone name.xml" For loading tone from xml format do: Edit (imported) tone in tone list When you'll get tone form opened Click Load Select your tone.xml file Here Suggested format for submitting tones: Artist: Song label link to archive with xmls or to each xml separateNext Song label next links to xmls etc.
  12. I'm really new to the whole Rocksmith world and am blown away by the modding community surrounding it. While the Customs Forge catalog is slam-full of awesome content, it's still missing a couple of my favorite bands/songs. Upon finding an older website, rscustom.net/dlc, I see that people have tracked a lot of cool songs that don't appear in the Customs Forge catalog. My only problem is that it seems not many people use rscustom, and most of the download links I click are no good. So I was wondering if a CDLC veteran who might have a massive library of custom songs could upload some of the stuff I (and probably others) are looking for. In particular, I was hoping for some Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, Atreyu, Four Year Strong, Trivium, and any video game based music. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: To add on to my post, it seems a lot of the old .dat files for Rocksmith 1's download links are still good. Is there any possible way to convert .dat into .psarc and have it work in Rocksmith 2014?
  13. Since this community has given me so many of AWESOME AWESOME CDLC I decided to at least try my best and give it something in return. This post will be used to announce my work in progress. Im hoping I'll do more than one song :) I'll mainly be focusing on Lead guitar & Vocals. To get myself started, i won't use any Dynamic Difficulty JUST YET! I gotta learn the ropes of making of CDLC first! On the same note, i won't be taking requests for now as I will focus on getting rest of the songs I adore into this game! (and hopefully there are some other people who will like them back). TL;DR: Bear with me, just a starter. First songs are gonna be basic, I hope u like them.
  14. I imagine this question's been asked a few times but in the hope of progress.. Has anyone created custom songs for 5 String Bass? Gutted I can't use the low B in game. Songs from artists like Jamiroquai would benefit in a big way! Has anyone managed to trick the game into showing 5 strings on the note highway? I'm sure someone in this talented community has worked something out?!
  15. Hi! I've been trying to make a new custom song on Rocksmith 2014 recently. Everything is done, I've mapped the song and everything but when i try to create the pacakge in rocksmith custom song toolkit there's a problem when saving it. I fill in everything needed and add all the files. But when I'm clicking on generate i get this message: Package was created with errors! See below: Error generate Mac package: Could not find file "var/folders/1f/rm87kszx5cq4wrb457lyhl4r0000gn/T/tmp1c1123f5.dds" How do i solve this problem?
  16. The thing is that when i create a different songs by the same artist, sometimes the new song just overwrites the previous one... Physical psarc files are all there, in dlc folder, but in the game only appears some of them. I think that maybe the problem comes with the package id option.. i feel im doing something wrong. Any tips to fix that?
  17. Hi! First, let me start by saying I've searched for this in Google, Reddit and this forum, but I couldn't find a clear answer. I'm on Mac and I'd like to contribute with some cdlcs to the community. But I can't seem to find a tutorial for Mac users. I found, however, a comment in this forum from 2015 stating that it was impossible then to create customs on Mac Quote: [However, unless you have a PC to use instead of your Mac, I wouldn't invest too much time trying to create customs. Unless somebody has figured out how to fix the problems it's not really possible to create customs on Mac.] Is it still impossible to create CDLCS in Mac?
  18. Welcome to my workshop! I just wanted to create a post where I can update current projects and keep my CDLC organized as I upload more. In terms of what I chart, I usually create CDLC for whatever interests me at a particular moment; however, a majority of my charts are metal. I normally try to create CDLC with all three instrument paths, however rarely I will do bass only or lead only charts. I don't normally take requests, however if you know of a song you think I'd like (and have the gp5 and official, quality audio), maybe I'll give it a shot I try my best to create high quality CDLC, and only use high quality audio with my customs. If you come across any issues with my charts, please kindly let me know and I'll do my best to sort out the issue as soon as I can. Below you'll find a link to my Trello board, a timeline where I'm far more active in updating what's going on with my charts. From there you'll be able to see possible charts, charts that are up next, in progress, on hold, and uploaded. You'll also be able to see exactly what stage of completion a chart is in with checklists I create for each one. *Click here to visit my Trello workshop!*
  19. Heya all! So i've been into making CDLC for RS14 for quite some time now and I made a few of them by now. But what all of them had in common is the lack of their own tone. I cant seem to be able to find or make a correct custom tone to go with the CDLC that im making, so my songs are usually just sitting in my project folder as im stuck with giving them the correct tone for the song. Sure there is a Tone Request forum section but that hasn't been used in a while with any replies that tell you what tone you're supposed to use. Is there a way most of you amazing CDLC creators use to create the custom tone for the song? Do you somehow find the gear used by the guitarist at the time of the recording? Does it just come down to "have an ear for it"? Because currently I can not tell Overdrive from Distortion etc. Any educational answers would be highly appreciative. <3
  20. can someone pls tell me why some songs can be download, and others it just takes you to the official site, i mean why keep them there. rush- tom sayer, is one . and its not on rocksmith.
  21. Every other song I've put into the dlc folder works except for this one, and other versions of fade to black(multitrack) tried renaming the file so that the syntax/format matched other songs that have microtonal tunings but it didn't work.
  22. So I downloaded the song Revol, (great song) and download was fine played the game was all good turned Rocksmith 2014 off, came back turned it on and the cdlc is missing all my other cdlc is there its just this one song that is missing. i have tried; deleting it re-downloading it, re downloading the D3DX9_42.dll file, iv restated steam, and finally verified integrity of game files. any help would be great thanks.
  23. So i currently have just over 100 hours in rocksmith in the year that i've owned rocksmith ( aside from playing guitar without it ) and i had a thought the other day as to improving my overall quality in the art of guitar-ing. Could it be that the guitar playing in the original song be masking the awfulness of my playing? quite possibly... yes i know you could always turn down the song volume in the mixer but then you can't really hear the song and you rely on the visuals to get your timing to the song since you cant hear a hella lot over your playing. That got me thinking, what if instead we started using backing tracks for our cdlc, that way the vocals are there, the drums are there and probably the bass, that way you'll be playing the guitar to the song without the artists guitar masking your playing. What do you guys think? Original tracks VS Backing tracks
  24. Yes i know that's the second topic i write today,but i need help.There is 2 songs that i made and both are crash to desktop (i don't know why) One of them is Drop C tunnd song and the other is maybe Drop B.You can download the CDLC folders here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8fr5v34vl2ub0v/Another%20Problems%20CDLCs.rar?dl=0 Please help! :D
  25. EDIT : I missed the part about adding a symlink since I have Rocksmith installed on a drive that isn't the boot drive. I can't try it right now but I'll bet that will fix it. Hi, I got my Rocksmith 2014 cable today (so I'm sorry for asking for help on my first post but I've not been here before), but I'm having trouble getting the CDLC working. I've followed stellarfirefly's guide on installing CDLC I've got D3DX9_42.dll in the Rocksmith 2014 folder I've bought the Cherub Rock official DLC The tracks that I've tried (the ones that come with the game) have worked fine. The CDLC tracks appear in the track list and I can hear them. When I select them it then goes to the guitar tuning screen and everything works as expected. But when the guitar's tuned and it goes to the next screen it just shows the background with the 2 amps. There's no song or any notes to play. So I then tried the Rocksmith2014_patcher.exe I didn't sign into Uplay as I wasn't sure it was safe, but it said it would still work but without online content so I assumed that wouldn't matter. I also had to start a new profile. Unfortunately this time the CDLC tracks didn't even appear in the track list. So I guess my questions are: 1) Do I need to use the patcher and sign into Uplay to get it to work? 2) If it doesn't work without the patcher, is the error I've got the same one that other people experienced? Thanks for your help.
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