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Found 15 results

  1. RS audio disappears from my headphones during the loading splash screens - when I alt-tab and switch my audio to my headphones directly (instead of via my Elgato mixer) it returns. It happens at that EXACT SPOT - the little Rockstar logo - every time. My boss is potentially having the same issue and while his is more critical than mine, if I can get mine fixed, I can hopefully get his fixed. Full video of mine here: Any ideas??
  2. I used to have no problems with Rocksmith, but then I got a fancy Auzen soundcard (PCI), because I wanted Dolby Live for games that have surround sound, like Freespace. All of a sudden, I had audio glitches left and right, and couldn't start up the game without the audio glitching out and slowing down/distorting. I often couldn't make it through a whole song without the game freaking out. As my wife wisely pointed out, you would think that the game designers would've taken into account that actual musicians might want to play the game, and they might have stuff like fancy audio hardware and ASIO drivers. Oh well. I dealt with the errors and glitches in the game. Also I could no longer do video capture, without major lag and glitches, which had never been a problem before. I was reduced to pointing a camera at my TV if I wanted to make a video. I would have to kill all my Firefox processes, to even have a chance of getting it to run right, and even on a fresh restart, the game would still glitch out on the title screen. I would have to minimize and then maximize the game to get the audio to go back to normal. I was using programs that kill tasks when the game started up (which came with it's own set of problems, like important diagnostic services being shut down and not restarting upon exiting the game). I tried defragging my HDD. I tried various Ubisoft ini fixes, which only managed to make my guitar sound like crap. Some recommended turning Exclusive Mode off. Nothing worked. All this happened because I mistakenly assumed, with the help of some bad Google advice (or maybe the card documentation, I can't remember), that when you install an external sound card, you must disable the onboard motherboard audio, in the bios. This is not the case. I'm not guaranteeing that this is true 100% across the board that it works, but I have a feeling that it is probably true for virtually everyone, and even if you have doubts, it can't hurt to try. All you have to do is reboot your computer and hit F2/Del/whatever key gets you into the bios for your particular board, and enable onboard audio. On my Asrock B75 mobo, it was found in a menu under Southbridge Configuration. Hopefully your internal audio has some sort of digital output. Mine are both optical. You can switch between the 2 sound cards via right clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray, under Playback Devices (I'm on Win 7, YMMV) and change the default audio device to the one you want to use. The only problem that remains, naturally, is the physical connection to your audio receiver/speakers. Naturally you will have to use a switchbox or splitter of some kind, or manually move your audio connections from one card to another. In my case, I already use an old Joytech AV Control Center 2 switchbox, which has 4 optical inputs (switches 1-4), one of which was already dedicated to my PCI audio output. So I just moved my Wii to switch #5, since the Wii doesn't use optical anyway, and hooked the computer up to that. If you'll be needing a switchbox (they make optical-only ones), I find that monoprice.com has the best and cheapest options. Beware of Monoprice stuff sold on Amazon, as it's often marked up for way higher than what you'd pay if ordering from Monoprice directly. Now I can easily switch whenever I want, but since I rarely use the Dolby anymore anyway, and unless I notice any difference in audio quality when listening to music, I'll probably end up using the onboard audio again much of the time. I was just too stubborn to give up that otherwise awesome sound card that I paid money for, and instead endured years of torturous Rocksmith performance, and countless hours of looking for solutions to make RS play nice with my PCI card. Believe me, if you enjoy playing RS regularly but have this issue, it's worth giving it a try! My RS is perfect again! It wouldn't hurt to make this a sticky somewhere, if nobody objects. :)
  3. I got rocksmith 2014 remastared on steam and when i play i notice the volume of the game is very low like a whisper, i see game setting and check my laptop altavoz mixer and seems runing fine.
  4. Recently, I've had to go into my Rocksmith ini file and change "Win32UltraLowLatency=" from 1 to 0. The reason was I went into Rocksmith one day and I was getting a constant popping/cracking noise that got worse whenever I made noise with my guitar. It was unbearable. The only fix I found was to change the aforementioned setting. HOWEVER, I've noticed that I can't get my volume nearly as loud as I had previously. I've tried messing with the gain and volume from with the sound mixer, etc. The end result is that once the volume get's so high it's sound terrible. Sort of like static and electronic noise together instead of a nice smooth note. So I was just wondering if there was some change somewhere that I'd have to have made this change and if maybe there's away to go back to how I had it before. Thanks for taking the time to read and I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced this issue.
  5. Created a custom song. Added 3 seconds of leading silence in EOF. When I play that back it is fine. When I generate the file and put it into rocksmith, the audio track starts immediately and is out of sync with fret board. Can someone help me know what I did wrong.
  6. A while back I created this: As it seems to be relativly popular, I decided to make more of these. You can find new Just Dance Audio Swaps right here: Playlist -> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiryHEqHQZQ0V7XyYhGXM3nOYbHhdQUwi Consider subscribing if you want to see more.
  7. Hi guys, not sure if I'm in the right forum, move me if I'm not. I've got this problem going on for a couple of months now, and now finally it's starting to annoy me so hard, I asking for help. The problem I have is, when I'm making Rocksmith 2014 Playthroughs, I record the same song 3 times, (every arrangement) and then I sync up those 3 to have the splitscreen video Like this: This worked for like years, and now lately something is fucking up. I'm not sure it's Rocksmith or Vegas Pro or my computer or my graphics card or ... Here is the actual problem with screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/AudWH 1) Syncing with video frames This is to get the best sync possible for the video frames, the audio can get synced up better later on 2) Syncing with video frames Here you see the smallest step I can drag the middle video track, it goes per frame, the audio is still locked to the video track 3) Syncing the audio Here I ungrouped the audio and video, (they turn red then) I zoom way in and then sync up the audio waves with a ruler 4) Song goes out of sync This screenshot is a little bit further into the song, and check out the third bass track, the beat is out of sync for some reason So somehow the third track got 0,001s out of sync, problem with graphics card? audio card? Fraps? It's very annoying, cause those little differences in soundwaves create reverb effects and change alot in sound and volume, believe me Anyone knows what is happening and how I can fix it?
  8. Like me, you may have some CDLC songs that have huge file sizes compared to most other CDLC. Take a look at your CDLC file sizes and look for any that are hogging up your disk space. The song length and encoding bit rate have the most effect on audio file size. As a point of reference, most official DLC are 4MB to 8MB in size and are encoded at a VBR of 128kbps. These are good file size numbers to shoot for if you are producing CDLC. In this short tutorial, you will learn how to reduce the size the audio portion of an existing CDLC in order to reduce the overall file size. Reducing the CDLC files size has the added benefit that the resulting song loads and plays better, without any discernible loss in audio quality for most. Audio quality (encoding bit rate) changes can be done using latest beta version of the toolkit (CST). About 90% of a CDLC file’s size can be attributed to its audio content (the CDLC used in this tutorial is 29 minutes long, is encoded at a VBR of 192kbps, and has a file size of 42 MB). So if we lower the encoding bit rate, we can reduce the overall size of the CDLC file by almost half to 21.9MB. Open up CST (the toolkit). Select the Creator tab and click on “Import Package”. Select a CDLC that you would like to reduce the file size.In the “Files” group box, select the second browse button to open an audio file. Go to the CDLC’s EOF folder and select the main audio “*.ogg” file. Make sure you did not select the “*_preveiw.ogg” file by accident. Click “Open”. Now change the “Audio Quality” to “2” and click “Generate”. The initial ogg audio file size was 42 MB. Reducing the ogg audio quality reduced the files size to 21.9 MB. The resulting CDLC is almost half the size of the original. Try this for all your big CDLC files to reclaim your disk space.
  9. Hi everyone! I want to play rocksmith without real tone cable and I want to use no cable loader. So my problem is if i switch to lead path all tones (except clean) are buzzing. This problem is also exist with real tone cable (I got one to try from my friend {shrillbear52}). So please if someone can help me or give me some tips to how to solve this problem then please answer. thanks! :)
  10. i recently upgraded to windows 10 but now when i launch rocksmith an error message pops up saying: ERROR SOUND INITALIZATION No audio output device detected. please connect and enable an audio output device and restar Rocksmith 2014. i have checked and my audio devices are working but still rocksmith gives me this message. is this a common thing? can sombody fix it?
  11. Hello! To make it short i have some audio problems with rocksmith. I think it has something to do with the cldcs i installed. When i start the game and play a song the effects like distortion are there but after a few songs they dissapear. Means i can still hear my bass but it's pretty quiet and without effects even if i select a pedal. First it didn't happen much but now the effects dissapear after 2 or 3 songs and it's pretty annoying. When i restart rocksmith it's all ok again but the same thing occurs again after 2-3 songs. I already looked on the internet but there weren't any persons with the same problem. I appreciate every helpful answer.
  12. By creating an CDLC testing on RS2014, the audio is cut into about 5 seconds at the beginning of the song. Notes keep synchronized, but it is as if the game cut a part of the beginning of the song. I had never happened before with any CDLC I created. Help please!
  13. Nothing too fancy is going on right now; it's just that when I try to record Rocksmith 2014, when I look over the footage, the audio track is completely silent. I made sure I've set Fraps to record Windows 7 audio, I launched Fraps before launching Rocksmith, and still nothing. Anyone else having this problem? These are my current Fraps settings.
  14. Hi guys, I have a question for all of you. I was studying a song made by Nacho (who is one of the best CDLC creators), namely "The best of times" from Dream Theater. I wrote to him back that on the solos the tones are not the best as I get strange noises out of the guitar, but he told me that for him everyhting is right and nobody else said anything. So I thought that this might have something to do with my audio setup. I have the same problem with other CDLCs like the ones from Gary Moore which for me sound so awful that I cannot play them. Just remembered another one: Brian Adams - All for love (here one of the tone is set so high that sounds are really distorted). My setup. Hardware: CPU I7, RAM: 32 GB, Audio: ASUS Audigy XONAR D2 6 channels, sample rate: 192 kHz, Analog out: 5.1 speakers (Video - maybe irrelevant: Nvidia Quadro FX6000 - I don't play anything else but RS on the computer) Audio volume: around 60% in Windows, 40-50% on the speakers (it's pretty loud :P ) Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (made in Mexico) Cable: the real tone cable All software is licensed, no cracks or anything like that Game configuration: Mixer: all volume levels 100 Audio settings: Audio engine 2 Exclusivity On Real cable gain: -1.2 db Video settings: let everything the way the game set it up Play settings: irrelevant In windows: the cable is acting as a microphone: volume level 17 and the format is 1 channel 16 bit, 11025 Hz (Dictation Quality) both options in Exclusive mode are checked. I have a spare real tone cable and everything is the same so the cable is not the issue. So, is there something wrong with my setup? Should I change anything? Should I configure something differently? Thanks a lot and really looking forward for your feedback as I feel that with your help I might just improve my RS experience and play some songs which currently might seem to be wrong for me but correct for the others. One last comment to this post: there are also many songs where everything seems to be in the right order. Cheers, Calin
  15. Step 1:Go to http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ to download and install Audacity. Step 2:Run Rocksmith 2014 and make sure Audio Exclusivity is turned off in the Options menu, then quit. Step 3:Open up the Recording Devices tab of the Sound Control Panel (Easily done by right clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray and selecting Recording Devices. Step 4:Right click inside the Recording Devices list and ask it to Show Disabled Devices Step 5:Find the Stereo Mix disabled device and enable it. Step 6:Run Audacity, and select Stereo Mix as your recording input Here's a little GIF I made to illustrate steps 4, 5 and 6 http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/2018/rra.gif Step 7:Run Rocksmith 2014 once again, and get ready to play whatever it is you want to record, ie, a song, or session mode, or whatever. Step 8:Just before you hit the button to begin playing the song or start playing the session, ALT-TAB back out to Audacity and hit the Record button, then ALT-TAB back into Rocksmith 2014. Step 9:Play Step 10:When you've finished, ALT-TAB out to Audacity again and stop the recording. Step 11:In Audacity, hit Play to listen to what you just recorded. source
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