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  1. Oh well i guess i asked a bit too late. I already replaced my old file. Well thanks for the answer i will try that the next time my file gets corrputed.
  2. Hello there, So my Problem is that my save file got corrputed and i had to create another one. So now all stuff i had unlocked is gone. Is there any way i can unlock it again via console or else?
  3. Hello! To make it short i have some audio problems with rocksmith. I think it has something to do with the cldcs i installed. When i start the game and play a song the effects like distortion are there but after a few songs they dissapear. Means i can still hear my bass but it's pretty quiet and without effects even if i select a pedal. First it didn't happen much but now the effects dissapear after 2 or 3 songs and it's pretty annoying. When i restart rocksmith it's all ok again but the same thing occurs again after 2-3 songs. I already looked on the internet but there weren't any persons with the same problem. I appreciate every helpful answer.
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