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Found 6 results

  1. I was just able to complete my first CDLC attempt using Firekorn's excellent tutorial, very nearly what I want first time around. Did notice a small problem though. My first section starts with the music, which I've labelled 'no guitar' since I'm doing a baseline and the bass doesn't start until 4 measures later. At that point, I have 'verse', with phrase 'Picture' and later on the phrase 'Somebody' (bassline to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, FYI). It all plays fine in RS, but for some reason, the first two notes of 'Somebody' (D7 and D5) are separated from the rest of the phrase in RR, and I can't figure out why....? Any suggestions? Much appreciated! (I did take two relevant snapshots, but I feel like an idiot, I can't for the life of me figure out how to add them in here, though I've done it before, long ago.... on a Mac, if that matters.... I would think 'image' icon above, but what do I put in URL? I tried the path to the file... doesn't seem to work.... My Media? if so, how do I upload that?) Thanks!
  2. I'd like to suggest adding a Renamer field for if Riff Repeater is present or not. I read the suggestion on the Custom Tone, I'd like to mark my songs that do and don't have it for the same reason as well. The DD. I noticed adds an underscore. is there a way to add the option to remove that and add it in Parentheses? Maybe even add a NDD if it isn't there instead of just having nothing. This is how I'm manually naming all my songs: Aerosmith - Falling in Love is Hard On The Knees (E Standard) (LRBV) (RR) (NDD) (CT) (v1.1)_p You see Tuning, RR, NO DD, Custom Tone, and the Version. - The reason I'm naming them like that, it makes it easier to tell if there is an update, or if someone else does a version. if one has DD and the other one doesn't. or one has a Custom Tone, and the other doesn't. I can easily look at my filenames and tell what one is better. and the filenames. After the RR gets added, and possibly the option to change how the DD works. my concern at that point would be the version. not all of them have the version tag set apparently, in my quick preview testing i tested 20 files, and only 4 had the version. and only a single digit version at that. Anyhow, those are my suggestions. good work with the Song manager tool. Everything else i've used on it works great. thanks for all your hard work. -Dev
  3. Ho do you guys puck up new songs in rr model? There are 2 ways A) 100% DD since first time to play the song B gradually automatically improve DD the pros for A is you can know the hand shape of the song from the very beginning the cons is it will be super difficult for you to play it even at very slow speed the pros for B is easy to pick up but you may inevitably to change hand shape during progression of DD. as RS official song doesnt let you know the hand shape at lower DD level Right now i do both, please let me how do you pick up new song in RR and what do you think on these 2 ways
  4. I can't seem to get my sections to appear in Riff Repeater, this is what it looks like in Rocksmith http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah181/danielmsmith96/MissingSections_zpsd4427af8.jpgAs you can see it all appears as one section (But Phrases appear fine). Before anyone tells me to check out the tutorials, I already did. Plus I included RR in my previous 34 CDLCs, and never encountered this error before. In EoF I always make my Sections, then I use DDC to generate all of the phrases this always works for me. But for some odd reason the sections just don't want to appear. I figured I should post it here and see if anyone ever had this problem. Also, here is evidence that I did include Sections in EoF. http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah181/danielmsmith96/EOFEvents_zps0a8d9d55.jpgI would appreciate any help.
  5. Wondering if it is possible in RR to have the 'Auto continue' feature move on to the very next section of the song and loop that, while maintaining your current speed and difficulty level, rather than instantly going to 100% and playing out the rest of the song? Hope this makes sense. Thanks Ben
  6. Please ignore, thanks to the wonderful Chat function here - this is mostly resolved.
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