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  1. dude thank u so much for the dmb cdlc

  2. I did just notice this recent thread that offers a tutorial on unpacking CDLC. I think Ill give this a go this weekend. http://customsforge.com/topic/4339-riff-repeater-possibility/?do=findComment&comment=30391
  3. Ive got a number of CDLC on my Mac that freeze right before displaying the note highway after tuning up, or even will never let me get past the song detail screen. Any way to fix these with Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit? I made a feeble attempt at repacking, but have never seen a detailed description on how to do this. Im on OSX 10.9 Thanks Ben
  4. Benjammann's Workshop Might as well set this up now. Ill be updating soon. Here's my first one: Dave Matthews Band - Big Eyed Fish (First DMB on Rocksmith that I know of) Thanks, Ben
  5. The first time I used the repeater I was shocked when it did not loop the next section.
  6. Wondering if it is possible in RR to have the 'Auto continue' feature move on to the very next section of the song and loop that, while maintaining your current speed and difficulty level, rather than instantly going to 100% and playing out the rest of the song? Hope this makes sense. Thanks Ben
  7. I am also looking for Acoustic tones. Can anyone point us in the right direction?
  8. SamG on chat just helped me figure this out. Go to Preferences in EOF and check "Save seperate Rocksmith 2 files"
  9. Hello, Attempting to make my first custom. Can't seem to locate the .XML files for import into the song creator. They are not in the EOF song folder. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ben
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