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Found 3 results

  1. i recently upgraded to windows 10 but now when i launch rocksmith an error message pops up saying: ERROR SOUND INITALIZATION No audio output device detected. please connect and enable an audio output device and restar Rocksmith 2014. i have checked and my audio devices are working but still rocksmith gives me this message. is this a common thing? can sombody fix it?
  2. Nothing too fancy is going on right now; it's just that when I try to record Rocksmith 2014, when I look over the footage, the audio track is completely silent. I made sure I've set Fraps to record Windows 7 audio, I launched Fraps before launching Rocksmith, and still nothing. Anyone else having this problem? These are my current Fraps settings.
  3. Hi guys, I have a question for all of you. I was studying a song made by Nacho (who is one of the best CDLC creators), namely "The best of times" from Dream Theater. I wrote to him back that on the solos the tones are not the best as I get strange noises out of the guitar, but he told me that for him everyhting is right and nobody else said anything. So I thought that this might have something to do with my audio setup. I have the same problem with other CDLCs like the ones from Gary Moore which for me sound so awful that I cannot play them. Just remembered another one: Brian Adams - All for love (here one of the tone is set so high that sounds are really distorted). My setup. Hardware: CPU I7, RAM: 32 GB, Audio: ASUS Audigy XONAR D2 6 channels, sample rate: 192 kHz, Analog out: 5.1 speakers (Video - maybe irrelevant: Nvidia Quadro FX6000 - I don't play anything else but RS on the computer) Audio volume: around 60% in Windows, 40-50% on the speakers (it's pretty loud :P ) Guitar: Fender Stratocaster (made in Mexico) Cable: the real tone cable All software is licensed, no cracks or anything like that Game configuration: Mixer: all volume levels 100 Audio settings: Audio engine 2 Exclusivity On Real cable gain: -1.2 db Video settings: let everything the way the game set it up Play settings: irrelevant In windows: the cable is acting as a microphone: volume level 17 and the format is 1 channel 16 bit, 11025 Hz (Dictation Quality) both options in Exclusive mode are checked. I have a spare real tone cable and everything is the same so the cable is not the issue. So, is there something wrong with my setup? Should I change anything? Should I configure something differently? Thanks a lot and really looking forward for your feedback as I feel that with your help I might just improve my RS experience and play some songs which currently might seem to be wrong for me but correct for the others. One last comment to this post: there are also many songs where everything seems to be in the right order. Cheers, Calin
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