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  1. Ofcourse there are usecases, but with creating CDLC most often you'd want to change the .gp5 file you're using or the beat markers in EoF, not the notes themselves in EoF :) (Ignore this if you already know that :P)
  2. Tried adding leading silence to an mp3 and stream copy didn't work as expected: the song was cut off after the 3000 ms I entered instead of a silence added of that length before the song.
  3. In Guitar Pro 6 as well? I thought it was only possible in GP5. If you can tell me how to do that, please :)
  4. I have a song in which bass is played originally on a 6 string. Now there are two options: present as Rhythm guitar in Rocksmith, but then 4 string bass players can't play, and rewriting (re-fretting?) it to a 4 string bass. It would be cool if EoF could do that automatically.
  5. Hooray, I´m able to reproduce it! Problem doesn´t seem to be high cpu usage. It stays below 60% for the used CPU (I'm not reporting total CPU usage! Because that would factor in other cores but you said it doesn't use them so that wouldn't give useful results) and and also isn´t affected by changing priority to above normal. Open notes.eof, press F5, change playback rate to 25%, zoom to 1/1, play from the beginning, rewind with arrow or rewind button in GUI to before first notes, it automatically keeps on playing and notice: music is played about .15 seconds before it should according to the
  6. I'm not too fond of a black-and-white approved/(dis/un)approved for a complete song. I guess it could be somewhat divided into sections: tone, sync, accurate notes, DD©, RR, and this per arrangement, and lyrics.
  7. Will try! I do have a 'fairly decent' i5-3570k though so if I have this problem, probably more people have it. I'll look into cpu utilization later on :)
  8. When syncing the notes to the music, I like to use playback rate of 25% and timestretch. This makes it easier to spot desync. However, when I'm working, sometimes the music isn't synced with playback. For instance, when I have added a leading silence, music still plays from the beginning. This isn't on playback rate 100%, seems to be random (so I can't tell how to reproduce), still occurs after pausing, and rewinding sometimes seems to solve the issue (maybe even always, not sure). At first I thought I was crazy but then it happened while the music clearly wasn't in sync with the waveform gr
  9. EOF crashes on importing the following .gpx converted to .gp5: http://www.abysslord.com/megadeth/tabs/super/05-Off_The_Edge.gpx . EOF crashes after saying to me: 'invalid note length of 19 and is probably corrupted'. Since Guitar Pro gives me an error about a tuplet when saving to .gp5 it might have something to do with that.
  10. I wasn't worried :D Did use another browser, it was just to inform you. Nice link btw, didn't know that site.
  11. r1302 hotfix can't be downloaded using Chrome, it reports it is malicious and download is blocked. Just so you know :)
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