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  1. Sincere condolences! And a big thank you for choosing to keep this community going. I can't imagine what you're going through, but I do know that after I lost my grandpa late last year the CDLCs were quite a way to help me get through it. Kudos to the creators, but it wouldn't have happened without everything you've done. I haven't been long around the forums, but I really love this community and I, for one, would gladly help you with to at least pass the financial sh*t you're going through with any small effort I can afford. Pretty sure there are at least a hundred people who would join
  2. Happy Birthday munchster!

  3. Happy Birthday munchster!

  4. Hi there @@Gamut ! Man, am I happy to find this thread. I'd really enjoy playing some post-rock songs on my bass, as there are so few of them out there (most only have the lead guitar part). Two the songs I'd be thrilled to play, are: Glasgow Coma Scale - Southern Crosses Seas of Years - Harbour I'm not a pro at either playing the bass or creating CDLCs (I've only created one but there's place for improvement and it's not worthy of being published) , but I'm willing to learn more if I can help you out with creating them. This is one thread I'm definitely going to follow with exciteme
  5. Hello everyone! Necromancing threads once again. :D Do you know of any post rock CDLCs for the bass? I've found Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine, but I'd definitely enjoy learning more of them.
  6. @@Alex360 THANKS! I finally got it to work after days of frying my brain. Bumping @@Darjusz in case he believes it's worth mentioning this in the tutorial (even a link to this page where the replies are, to avoid too much text in the tutorial)
  7. @@Alex360 Thanks, I've got the process started and split the sections. Unfortunately I've stumbled upon something else. I've got two errors when I try to save the file in EoF, here's the pics: http://i.imgur.com/1nN6Fpx.jpg http://i.imgur.com/7S29Axb.jpg Any ideas what I've done wrong? Because I've cleared the Fret Hand Position list several times, re-do all the steps. Hell, I've even tried going through the whole process of the tutorial and still got these. I did get a prompt when I've imported the Guitar Pro file, something about importing the time signature if my memory doesn't fail
  8. Hello everyone, THANK YOU for the great tutorial! I've managed to create a cDLC of a random song I doodled in Guitar Pro for the bass but there's one thing I can't seem to find anywhere: Is there a way to make the camera in-game display only 4-5 frets instead of zooming out to display too many? I've got a slide from the 19th fret down to 0, and because of that one slide all song is played while the camera's zoomed out. Thanks once again for this tutorial! It's awesome!
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