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  1. this song is unnecessarily hard, I can't even pass and the sections are too short and allow for zero error I failed two sections back to back multiple times because it was wonky.
  2. Can't believe I missed out on 400, I was on vacation good to be back though
  3. oof, I got beat out at the last minute last week, this was surely a step up from last week. First sightread I can't complain
  4. I really liked this weeks song, so much fun. I hope I can get a better score before the end of the week.
  5. I've decided I will try advanced... I'm not terribly convinced however, I enjoy the challenge and I feel like every week is a new challenge and my playing has improved in areas I may typically neglect.
  6. Hey, this is my first post, however I've been following the championship league for a little while now. I don't exactly know where I should place myself therefore I tried all the songs. I mostly just sight read one playthrough and this is what I got.
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