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  1. Happy Birthday rijy!

  2. Happy Birthday rijy!

  3. Happy Birthday rijy!

  4. Happy Birthday rijy!

  5. is it true that you can now play endless mode and it can sort them by tining so you dont change too often?
  6. Happy Birthday rijy!

  7. i hope some people make social D customs :)
  8. Happy Birthday rijy!

  9. Could There ever be a rs1 to rs2 converter?? I dont know but something that could convert the audio files and repack after? I ask because I have ten songs I really want to get converted, I fail all the time and seems like it's hard to get someone to help me!! Some people tried, it worked but they don't want to de the other songs I have. I tried in vain! That would help me with lots of songs I already had on rs1 that aren't available on rs14
  10. wish there were more punk-rock here ;)

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