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  1. Happy Birthday mrctll!

  2. Happy Birthday mrctll!

  3. Mac ... customs are listed, via steam... but the game freeze if try to play?!?! Only with original songs works
  4. You need to convert the files p.psarc in m.psarc for Mac. There is a section down the customsforge homepage. The official tool needs mono framework to install, initially won't work but after a while or reboot works fine. There is also a wineskin version (somewhere) without mono framework, but is very big.. http://customsforge.com/forum/56-rocksmith-custom-tool-kit/ Sorry for my english.. Ciaoooo :D
  5. The latest build now, works well on mac 10.10. Grazieeeeeee :D :D :D
  6. Now i'm using an old build 621ca588 beta that works with mono framework. But the last three version didn't work with wineskin, a very great wrapper for mac that runs windows apps. The only way for autoupdate, with mono the best way is to re-download the toolkit. The bad thing with winskin is that the wrapper is a little bit.... very big :D :D Spero di aver scritto qualcosa di comprensibile... :D :D Buone festeeeeeeeee... :D
  7. i send an image of output!! My english is bad https://www.dropbox.com/s/buk9rjb940a6jqs/2014-12-09%2007.43.55%20pm.png?dl=0
  8. Latest build gives errors for every song, Mac!!! Dannazione
  9. Per Mac non funziona .... Incrediible che ancora si usi windows!!! Non Ho parole... e non sono un MacUser solo 3 Hackintosh :D
  10. Io uso tre hackintosh.. Solo Rocksmith 2012 su PS3 ma cosi lento che su un disco misi windows solo per lui. Ma come si fa oggi a usare ancora windows!?!?!... e spero che presto esca una guida dalla A alla Z per realizzare comodamente i CDLC su mac, incredibile che non ci sia MInus Celsius del Backyard Babies ... Grazie ragazzi siete grandissimiiiiiiiii ... :D
  11. Someone for mac have a ibanez skark teeth ***m.psarc?!?!!? Grazie
  12. Scusate ... ma dove stanno le skin?!?!?!? UN ragazzo gentilissimo mi ha girato la sua per mac e mi ha indirizzato qui... ma tolte le icone?!?!!?
  13. in the field of the song, the "play" icon should be for the songs with the playthrogh instead of the link to youtube..... Scusate il mio inglese ... google translate ... Sorryyyyyyy!! :D
  14. I suggest you report in the research database, the songs that have the video of the playthrough instead of the only music video. When you do not know a song, it would be useful to see how it was done playthrough for Rocksmith. Thank's
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