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  1. @@cozy1 It seems to be working, I installed Microsoft .NET Framework like it recommended (I did 4.7.2) and it fully installed according to Crossover. But when I open CFSM it shows up in the dock and then closes immediately before anything opens up. Edit: Okay installed it in the same bottle as the .NET Framework and it opened! But now it is saying "Unhandled Exception: The given path's format is not supported ... Open log file now? And no matter if I click yes, no or close the window, the whole app closes itself. and the directory I clicked on for the RS2014 Installation Directory is Y:\Library\Application Support\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmoth2014
  2. So I'm on Catalina and Rocksmith runs CDLCs fine for me, I got all that working. My problem is I can't get any method of converting PC CDLCs to Mac versions up and running. I have RocksmithCustomSongToolkit and every time I open it it tells me to download MONO 2.8 or higher. I've downloaded the most recent MONO and it didn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or an older version of MONO?
  3. That worked!!! Thank you so much cozy1! I just deleted everything and downloaded that and boom!
  4. Might be a dumb question, but what is the default location? I have it in my applications folder located at [ Macintosh HD>Applications>Wwise v2013.2.10 build 4884 ] which is exactly what came out of the .rar you linked me. I appreciate your help so much, you have no idea, thank you!! https://imgur.com/a/ds3wOW8
  5. Still no luck. I think I installed 2013 Wwise correctly and selected its path correctly? And I delete the two .wem files from the folder it creates after importing the package, right? https://imgur.com/a/lYe3gTN
  6. All I am trying to do is import a cdlc and change the audio to an uncensored version of the track. I import the package and select my new .wem (tried .wav also) under files in the second drop down box below preview. But I click generate and I get "Application. ThreadException met. System.NotSupportedException: The given path's format is not supported. ..." Any ideas?
  7. Hi all, I'm having trouble with CDLC. I have RS Injector, and the Toolkit, I bought Cherub Rock, I converted the CDLC I downloaded to Mac with the Cherub Rock ID and placed it in the DLC folder. I open Steam, Open RS Injector, and only Cherub Rock shows, not the CDLC. On a hunch I actually deleted the Cherub Rock DLC's name and gave the exact title "cherubrock_m" to one of the CDLC songs (Figure It Out by Royal Blood). When I opened the game Figure it Out was there but not Cherub Rock or the other CDLC. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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