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  1. Amazing, I just need a quart of screen playing the song and showing you the chords, as it is work perfect for me, good job. Keep going. can I download it?
  2. That's a hard question, I'ven playing Rocksmith for almost 2 year and I cal tell I can do songs very well. but I still can't play guitar, Rocksmith makes you learn how to react to what it shows you in the screen but in my case I don't remember how to play songs.
  3. WOW, I'm just using my Realtek with a real cable tone. I should look on a better configuration.
  4. If you are going for a medium/low guitar price doesn't matter IMHO just block the bridge, If you want to buy a high end guitar and you want to change tuning often then don't go for a guitar with a floating bridge, I have an Ibanez gio and I put a piece of wood to block the bridge and I can change the tuning with out any problem. Until now I never needed the whammy bar to play any song on Rocksmith.
  5. In my experience I use the riff repeater a lot, I practice in low speed until I do perfect. Then I raise the speed until I feel comfortable. When I see I'm getting tense in my fingers I lower the speed until I feel comfortable again, practice practice practice, is all what you need. If you can, record yourself and check what you are doing wrong.
  6. Try checking the volume level on your "recording devices" configuration (with the cable plugged), for me 25 works but for some reason sometimes when I plug the cable the volume level moves to 100 and make annoying noises (interference).
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